MHW Builder Updated! v1.0.9


  • Guide Added:
  • New “Last Edited” feature. When you close app or web page, the tool will show you last unsaved changes called “My Last Edited Set”
  • Many optimization tricks, greatly reduced intput lag for IOS and older android versions
  • Fixed annoying bug preventing loading sets from url under certain conditions
  • Jewel menu got it’s close button
  • Switch Axe, Longsword, Dual Blades, etc pics were removed, all class-related mechanics can be accessed from Buffs menu
  • Triggerable skills like Agitator, Latent Power, Heroics, etc can be turned on/off in the Buffs section (listed under “items”)
  • Airborne now works as intended


  • Shelling formula correction
  • Added damage numbers for Wide (spread) LvL 4 shelling


  • Dragon Piercer formula correction

Charge Blade:

  • Phial numbers should round in proper way


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