MHW Builder Updated! v1.1.2


  • Health augment now adds 1lvl of Divine Protection (hidden ingame)
  • Amped State and Self-Improvement now add Mind’s Eye effect
  • Web version now updates it’s URL in browser, when you change something in your build (for those, who’s lazy enough not to click on URL button ^^)
  • Set Searcher is now working fast and smooth
  • When using web version, when opening Search UI, cursor now focus on name input
  • Added alert boxes for saving and copying URL
  • Jewel and Search menu got their close buttons to fit overall UI style

Charge Blade:

  • Added move Sword Strengthening (Bonus)
  • Added move Condensed Element Slash Aftershock
  • Added move Elemendal Discharge I & II

Switch Axe:

  • Fixed elemental mod for Amped Explosions

Long Sword:

  • Fixed elemental mod for Helm Splitter


  • Fixed Taroth Buster “Sleep”, showing incorrect stats
    Fixed Diablos beta boots, showing incorrect stats


MHW Builder:

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