MHW Builder Updated! v.1.1.3


  • Mobile App got larger buttons
  • Only complete Armor Set bonuses will be shown now
  • When choosing Save As option in Set menu, popup input will now try to focus.

Set Searcher:

  • Shows Defenses from new found set
  • Has priority for showing filtered skills in tooltip first
  • Shows amount of skill levels that comes from gear and how many skills come from gems
  • Equips gems when choosing set
  • Excluding Skill in filters now work as intended
  • Set Searcher wont show duplicate sets anymore
  • Fixed incorrect skill tooltip on Charms, when equipped from Set Searcher
  • Set Searcher will now exclude Set Bonuses, if “LvL 0” is chosen

Switch Axe:

  • Phial will now overwrite innate SA element


  • Wyvernblast formula correction
  • Wyvernheart formula correction
  • Wyvernsnipe formula correction
  • Elementless will now work with bowguns as intended

Overall fixes:

  • Defense augment is now giving Divine Protection effect instead of Health augment (please note, that actually ingame it is separate from Divine Protection, coming from gems)
  • We received some info about LR bowguns mods showing incorrect data, some further testing is required

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