MHW Builder Patchnotes v.1.3.3

MHW Builder Patchnotes v.1.3.3


  • Skills sorting was adjusted to ingame layout
  • eTR will now display in Set menu headers
  • Kulve button in weapon filters is on by default
  • Switch Axe modes button were split into Sword and Amped mode
  • Added 42 lunastra weapons (with special mechanics)
  • Added both Luna sets + Vaal / Kirin gamma sets


  • Fortify ignoring filter button
  • Buildcard buttons not disappearing when Set menu visibility change triggered by new set
  • Gems not disappearing when Gem menu cancelled by slot tap
  • Ammo preview in Search menu
  • Crit element formula correction for GS
  • Handicraft value floating left in Search menu
  • Set searcher counting zero weight gems
  • Neck icon transparency
  • Slot augment incorrect slot lvls
  • Round down for crits
  • Amount of skills shown in set preview is now limited to 11 skills
  • Slot augment not showing on preview
  • Rathian Soul alpha incorrect skills
  • Scaling issues on low resolution mobiles.


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