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MHW Builder Patchnotes v1.3.0

MHW Builder Patchnotes v1.3.0 General: Difference between mine and my mobile co-worker SDK and XCode versions killed CSS in prev update. I didn’t notice that, I am very sorry. Decoration Menu will now remember number of decorations you have got between restarts. Set Searcher will apply amount of decoration to newfound sets and will drop …

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Web version menus are now draggable!

MHW Builder Patchnotes v.1.2.1

MHW Builder Patchnotes v.1.2.1 General: Mobile version should now support horizontal swipes Save as and Delete confirm menus are center on screen Set preview now is counting defenses and augments Buttons for Save as and Delete menu were made 50% larger Fixes: Dragon resist popping up on neck Set Searcher showing incorrect max number for …

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MHW Builder updated! v1.2.0

General: Sliders are everywhere! (bugged sliders ofc, yeah) Set Menu was reworked You can now download saved build snapshot in Web version Some minor fixes   MHW Builder:

MHW Builder Updated! v.1.1.3

General: Mobile App got larger buttons Only complete Armor Set bonuses will be shown now When choosing Save As option in Set menu, popup input will now try to focus. Set Searcher: Shows Defenses from new found set Has priority for showing filtered skills in tooltip first Shows amount of skill levels that comes from …

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MHW Builder Updated! v1.1.2

General: Health augment now adds 1lvl of Divine Protection (hidden ingame) Amped State and Self-Improvement now add Mind’s Eye effect Web version now updates it’s URL in browser, when you change something in your build (for those, who’s lazy enough not to click on URL button ^^) Set Searcher is now working fast and smooth …

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MHW Builder Updated! v. 1.1.0

General: Armor Set Searcher is here! Switch Axe: Power phial got ninja nerfed Power element phial got ninja buffed Charge Blade Impact phial formula correction

MHW Builder Updated! v1.0.9

General Guide Added:¬† New “Last Edited” feature. When you close app or web page, the tool will show you last unsaved changes called “My Last Edited Set” Many optimization tricks, greatly reduced intput lag for IOS and older android versions Fixed annoying bug preventing loading sets from url under certain conditions Jewel menu got it’s …

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Monster Hunter World Builder Guide. v.1.0

Set Menu. Saving and Loading MHW Builder lets you full control over your saved sets, with most usefull info in preview. By launch it will show you your last unsaved changes. Then you can proceed to Set Menu and manipulate your saved sets.   Sharing sets via URL links You can share your sets via …

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MHW Builder Updated! v1.0.8

Added Dante’s stuff (set + CB) Added USJ stuff (set + LS) Great Sword: Ignition was ninja nerfed back (Capcom why) Switch Axe: Elemental boost decos should work with SA phials (including caps). Added missing mvs for SA Added all variations for SA moves You can find Amped State button in buffs menu Long Sword: …

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