EZ PZ Lunastra: Which weapons to make and how to beat her

Welcome to our guide on Lunastra in Monster Hunter World! We cover not just how to beat her, but also which weapons of hers are META!

Luna is the most different and arguably the most difficult elder dragon in MHW. But the rewards are well worth the challenge, her armor and weapons are the strongest in MHW atm on PC.

Jinx’s Musings: How does Spareshot Affect DPS in MHW?

Welcome to our guide on how Spareshot Affects DPS in MHW. The Xeno Gamma Armor has made spareshot META on literally every bowgun in the game now. And after this video you will understand how it affects your damage!

Your combo’s animation time is tied to your build on bowguns, this makes calculating optimal damage for them trickier than other weapons in Monster Hunter World. Which is very fun for me(Jinx) because I love spreadsheets, but this video will help out everyone else who doesn’t.

Special thanks to Boardwalk Hotel/Tom (boardwalk hotel#0001) for discussing all the math on spareshot with me mooooonths ago!

Arch Tempered Xeno’Jiva: How to beat him and How Xeno Gamma armor affects the META

Capcom finally got Arch Tempered right with AT Xeno. He’s the best Arch Tempered Monster in MHW. And also the most challenging. Thats why we compiled everything we know about not carting to him, how to kill him faster, and the strongest weapon matchups to use against Arch Tempered Xeno’jiva.

If you’re struggling to get your tickets for that juicy Xeno’jiva Gamma armor then the information in this video will definitely help.

We also included a short section about how the armor affects the META. It doesn’t completely change the META like Drachen but it definitely improves several weapon classes.

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MHW Builder Patch Notes v1.5.6


  • History / Compare tool was added to the builder (history menu is not available for mobiles, will come next patch).
  • Added Aloy’s Gamma set. Please note, that you can’t wear individual pieces of that set, even if builders allows you to.
  • Winter set and Hammer were added.
  • New Settings menu is available for both platforms.
  • You may choose not to reset buffs each time you load / save via “AutoReset” checkbox.

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Monster Hunter Math: Highest DPS Builds

Welcome to guide on how to make the highest damage builds in Monster Hunter World. This is the first in my Monster Hunter Math Series and will explain the importance of EFR or Effective Raw, which is what you look at when determining which build does the highest damage.

It is what speedrunners and optimizers like me look for when making builds. Out side of elemental weapons like bows and dual blades, but I will have a video in the near future on that topic.

If you’re wondering, how damage is calculated in Monster Hunter: World, be sure to check J&T’s guides to raw and elemental damage!