MHW Builder Patchnotes v1.3.5

MHW Builder Patchnotes v1.3.5


  • Set Searcher UI was adjusted with additional socket buttons
  • You can now manually specify amount and lvl of slots for Set Searcher (or copy slots from equipped weapon)
  • You can now share searching conditions for sets
  • Deco button in Set Searcher now turns on / off personal deco limits, if those were set before in Deco UI
  • Effective element now becomes “Effective Status” with 0.33 build up mod, if weapon has status damage instead of elemental
  • Luna weapons now have personal armour skills, not to confuse with original set skills
  • Luna gear no longer triggers Rathalos Mind Eye bonus


  • Long range mod incorrect dmg values
  • Rating for sets didn’t keep weapon slots
  • Luna gear triggering rathalos set bonus
  • Kirin y caps at 92 def, starts at 72.
  • Kirin Y Gloves is Blight Resistance 1, not Bleeding Resistance 1
  • Crit element for bowguns x1.3

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