Public Profile Guide

  1. Register here
  2. After registration proceed to your profile page via sidebar menu.


3. Customize your profile with avatar, background, etc (including social links, you may want to leave)

4. Put links to your builds to “My sets” field.

There are some rules about putting your sets there:

  • Each link should be from the next line.
  • There is no need to sort or mark or comment any links, since they will be sorted by weapon type anyway and all not-related info will not be shown.
  • You can add your own comment, which will be shown in set’s header between double @.



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  1. Popup to upload profile pic, cover pic etc, appears near off screen and cant be accessed!

    1. Got you.

    2. That was a javascript version conflict, fixed it, thank you for reporting!

  2. how do I add a comment for a build in the public profiles?

    1. mhwb?/ … @short comment@long comment@

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