Advanced Kulve Taroth Tips and Tricks Guide

Welcome to our guide on how to CC Chain Kulve Taroth with Bow and Heavy Bowgun in MHW! This is the easiest way to breaking KT’s Horns by CC chaining her until the horns break. And yes, this works on PC and Console!

Kulve is one of the more difficult monsters to farm quickly in Monster Hunter World because of how hard it is to hit her horns in Area 4. With a solid CC hunter in your team, area 4 becomes much easier to clear consistently and quickly. This especially makes P1 runs much easier, which are over twice as fast as traditional 2 run hunts.

Advanced Bow CC Guide

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Advanced Heavy Bowgun CC Guide

CC/Status makes breaking KT’s Horns very easy and after this video you will know how to do it with Heavy Bowgun!

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Builds in this Guides

If you’re interested in detailed builds and weapons guide, please check our Kulve Taroth PC Guide: Basics, Best weapons/builds Guide by Jinx&Tuna!,88,103,103,108,70,19,aff,0,0,0,0,0,62,62,62,78,78,78,61,58,0,64,10,0,64,0,0,3@Console pre ATX@,88,103,114,113,103,19,aff,0,0,0,0,0,62,62,62,78,78,78,64,38,10,61,64,0,58,64,0,3@Console post ATX@,88,94,84,108,70,19,aff,0,0,0,0,0,62,62,62,64,64,0,78,78,78,58,10,0,61,0,0,3@PC CC set@,103,88,88,86,86,19,slot,att,0,62,62,0,10,10,10,94,94,0,71,0,0,62,78,0,78,78,0,3,Recoil,Recoil,Reload@PC CC set@,93,104,104,85,88,18,att,att,0,10,0,0,10,0,0,10,62,0,51,51,0,51,0,0,62,62,0,3,Recoil,Recoil,Reload@Console pre ATX@,125,104,114,113,114,21,att,att,0,94,0,0,51,10,62,62,62,0,51,51,78,71,0,0,0,78,78,3,Recoil,Recoil,Reload@Console post ATX@

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