MHW Builder Patch Notes v1.5.5


  • You may perform literal search for Decorations and Skills names in both Deco and Set Searcher menus.
  • There is a filter option available for PC / PS4 players in both mobile and Web versions.
  • Sharpness indicator was reworked. It will track approximate amount of hits, and became more intuitive.
  • Bowguns have more info fields from now, you may experiment with recoil / reload / clip size and notice, how your total RPT / eTR changes, depending on this values.

Weapons and Armor:

  • Magda Lahat gets blue at +3 handicraft.
  • DBs built-in Razor Sharpness bonus x3 hits, while SnS bonus is x2.
  • Elemental / Status rounding on skill-ups is more accurate now.
  • Blast damage isn’t considered as elemental > status.
  • Xeno gamma helmet has blight resist (not blast resist).
  • Butterfly / King / Queen Beetle sets mess.
  • Taroth Strongarm spark has a base element of 150 (was 90).
  • Set bonuses (like Razor Sharp +1/3 or Stamina cap Up +1/2) are no longer displayed as active skills on armor in Search menu.
  • The Wind Resistance decoration amount was default of x0 for new users.

Motion data:

  • Fire and Ice no longer have wrong elemental crit values.
  • Great Sword elemental damage bonus on some moves.
  • Airborne skill doesn’t affects damage of Falling Bash anymore.
  • Dual blades aerial spinning dashes no longer affected by Airborne skill.
  • SnS no longer shows element on blunt attacks (except 2 hit moves that have blunt + severe damage).

Profile Searcher:

  • Zorah y no longer flags sets as “vanilla”.
  • Xeno y doesn’t flag sets as “vanilla”.

Bug fixes:

  • ” , ” symbol in set name was causing set loading errors.


MHW Builder:


    • Kitou on 17th November 2018 at 12:19 am
    • Reply

    I don’t know if it’s only me but the lists are really fucked up: This is from Vtrix for example, even the other users’ sets are broken.

    1. That happens, when you have adblock turned on.

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