Monster Hunter: World Charge Blade Guide And Meta Builds


Hello, and welcome to our Charge Blade Guide for HoneyHunterWorld. This is mixed guide made from Arekkz’s Workshop series, J&T Guides with /r/ and MHGH support, featuring Boardwalk Hotel’s and Akantorex’s builds.

Charge Blade Basics

We’ve found, that Arekkz Workshop series are the best guides for starting players, who want to start a learning new weapon. Arekkz covers the basics of each weapon, combo, playstyle in his videos, take a look!

We are very sorry. Content is unavailable or information in it is wrong or outdated.

Charge Blade Advanced Guide

These Charge Blades Builds are the META options, essentially the mathematically optimal mixed sets in terms of their damage output numbers.

We have a Special Guest in this episode, one of the most illustrious speedrunners in Monster Hunter World, AkantoreX!

[nickname?JinJinx & Tuna]

Charge Blade Meta Builds

Most builds’ credits go to Boardwalk Hotel (boardwalk hotel#0001). You may find him at MHGH or J&T discords. He also has his own page for Charge Blade Builds here.

[nickname?Boardwalk Hotel (Tom)]
[twitter?],95,72,80,70,46,21,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,5,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,3@ABSOLUTE POVERTY BUILD@You should have 1 free Attack Boost decoration from finishing the story. Add Elementless decoration ASAP! Once you find a Tenderizer and Elementless decoration, you can use the next build.@,95,81,76,76,68,21,att,health,0,0,0,0,52,0,0,0,0,0,5,0,0,90,0,0,26,0,0,3@0 IRONWALL, 0 MAGAZINE@If you value some Health Boost over Attack Boost, you can put in 2 Vitality Jewel in the small slots. If you want Health Boost 3, you can use Xenojiiva Waist B instead of Nergigante.@,95,81,76,76,46,21,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,0,0,0,49,5,0,90,0,0,0,0,0,3@1 IRONWALL, 0 MAGAZINE@If you value some Health Boost over Attack Boost, you can put in 2 Vitality Jewel in the small slots. If you want Health Boost 3, you can use Xenojiiva Waist B instead of Nergigante.@,95,81,76,76,68,21,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,0,0,0,0,5,0,90,0,0,52,0,0,3@0 IRONWALL, 1 MAGAZINE@@,95,72,66,76,76,21,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,0,5,49,90,0,0,52,0,0,0,0,0,3@1 IRONWALL, 1 MAGAZINE@@,95,81,76,76,107,21,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,0,0,0,49,5,0,52,0,0,90,0,0,3@(BEHEMOTH) – 1 MAGAZINE, 1 IRONWALL@@,119,72,107,107,100,83,att,health,0,0,0,0,90,14,0,5,5,5,52,26,0,4,49,0,4,4,0,2@ALL-PURPOSE FLEXIBLE CHARM@This build can use any charm. Reasonable choices include Handicraft Charm, Health Charm, KO Charm, Miasma Charm (for Vaal Hazaak), Earplugs Charm (for weak roar enemies like Odogaron). There is a variant build which requires only 1 Attack Boost jewel that trades 2 Critical Eye for 1 Critical Boost, which is slightly favored if you use Affinity Booster.@,83,72,114,112,114,74,att,health,0,0,0,0,49,0,0,4,4,4,14,52,5,90,5,0,26,5,5,2@ALL-PURPOSE RAZOR SHARP@Charm is not flexible.@,119,72,79,70,108,83,att,health,0,0,0,0,52,26,0,4,4,4,5,0,0,5,5,5,90,49,0,2@ALL-PURPOSE MASTER’S TOUCH@This build uses no Handicraft, but 60% affinity and Master’s Touch effectively gives it 75 hits of blue sharpness, more than the 50 it would get from Handicraft 2. Affinity augment also effectively increases sharpness meaning it’s a viable choice. However, this build is bad vs monsters with many bad hitzones and monsters that hit your shield hard which reduces sharpness.@,95,72,107,70,76,83,att,health,0,0,0,0,90,0,0,4,4,4,26,52,0,5,5,5,49,30,0,2@ALL-PURPOSE FLEXIBLE CHARM (NO EVENT)@For console users without access to event gear required for above builds.@,83,72,66,101,100,65,att,health,0,0,0,0,49,0,0,4,4,4,90,5,0,52,26,0,5,5,0,3@ALL-PURPOSE HANDICRAFT 3@Charm is not flexible. Requires Lunastra which releases on PC on Nov 22, 2018.@,95,72,66,76,76,83,att,health,0,0,0,0,26,0,0,5,5,49,90,4,0,52,0,0,4,4,0,2@ALL-PURPOSE FLEXIBLE CHARM (NO EVENT)@This is the current endgame set for PC, where there is no Lunastra/Kulve/Behemoth/Dante armor.@,119,72,107,70,107,74,health,aff,0,0,0,0,90,52,0,49,5,4,26,16,0,4,4,30,57,0,0,2@CRITICAL DIABLOS@No Handicraft but higher effective raw than meta builds for as long as it remains in blue. The Mighty jewel can be swapped for another Critical if using Affinity Booster or if you like seeing higher numbers. Against some monsters (ex. Odogaron) you can drop the Ironwall jewel for another Expert for more affinity.@,75,72,107,70,103,72,att,health,0,0,0,0,90,49,0,4,4,4,26,52,0,5,5,5,90,90,0,3@DEFENSIVE DIABLOS@I generally tell people they shouldn’t use Earplugs on CB since you want to be blocking or guardpointing roars to combo into SAED/AED, but nevertheless here is a decent Earplugs 5 build for CB, with Health Boost 2 as a bonus. Alternate build with Handicraft 2 but less Attack Boost and Health Boost.@,95,72,66,68,76,72,att,health,0,0,0,0,52,0,0,49,4,4,90,4,0,26,0,0,96,96,0,3@DEFENSIVE DIABLOS (NO EVENT)@An Earplugs build for PC users.@,84,72,113,107,103,81,health,att,0,0,0,0,49,5,0,5,5,5,26,4,0,4,4,0,14,52,0,2@AGITATOR 1@Good for monsters with poor hitzones where Weakness Exploit is not as effective, such as Lunastra and Lavasioth.@,114,72,113,70,103,2,health,att,0,0,0,0,13,52,0,49,5,5,13,5,0,4,4,4,26,13,0,3@AGITATOR 2@Even more excessive than the above build.@,84,72,66,101,76,7,att,health,0,0,0,0,49,4,0,4,4,5,52,5,0,26,77,0,5,5,0,3@ANTI-LUNASTRA@Optionally, swap Attack jewels for Health Boost. Since this uses one Lunastra armor, if you’re struggling to kill Lunastra for the first time, put Windproof Charm III on the All-purpose Flexible Charm build and replace Attack jewel with Health boost.@,83,72,107,70,76,19,health,att,0,0,0,0,49,0,0,5,5,5,52,26,0,5,5,4,4,4,0,3@ANTI-LUNASTRA #1@Build used by AkantoreX in this video:,114,72,113,70,76,7,health,att,0,0,0,0,26,52,0,49,5,5,77,5,0,5,4,4,4,15,0,3@ANTI-LUNASTRA #2@Build used by Xygote in this video:,126,72,107,70,108,65,health,att,0,0,0,0,52,0,0,49,5,5,26,98,0,5,4,4,77,4,0,3@ANTI-LUNASTRA #3@Build used by Mathos Brook in this video:,114,72,107,70,100,23,health,att,0,0,0,0,77,90,0,49,49,4,52,26,0,4,4,5,5,5,0,3@GUARD 5 + GUARD UP@Can use Attack or Artillery Charm, depending on your decorations. Build used by ZebraQuake in this video:,84,107,107,105,107,74,att,aff,0,0,0,0,49,5,0,57,0,0,26,16,0,90,0,0,30,0,0,2@PHYSICAL DIABLOS@This build is an abomination.. with really high raw physical damage.@,95,72,113,70,107,21,aff,0,0,52,16,0,16,0,0,49,5,5,13,30,0,30,30,30,90,0,0,3@CRITICAL STYX@Build used by AkantoreX in this video:,83,98,76,70,103,74,health,0,0,57,16,0,49,0,0,4,0,0,4,4,0,5,5,5,52,90,0,2@COMFY STYX@@,95,72,107,70,107,83,health,0,0,49,4,0,16,0,0,4,4,30,52,90,0,30,30,5,16,0,0,2@DANTE’S DEVIL SWORD@@,95,72,80,70,103,83,health,0,0,49,4,0,16,0,0,4,4,5,16,0,0,5,5,5,52,16,0,2@DANTE’S DEVIL SWORD@@,118,72,107,105,107,65,aff,health,0,49,0,0,14,5,0,8,8,5,90,90,0,52,0,0,90,0,0,3@FIRE@@,119,60,80,58,108,65,aff,health,0,49,0,0,5,5,0,5,0,0,16,0,0,16,0,0,16,5,0,3@FIRE ANTI-KIRIN@@,95,72,62,58,76,65,aff,health,0,49,0,0,57,0,0,5,5,5,90,0,0,52,0,0,5,5,0,3@FIRE@@,118,72,107,105,107,14,health,0,0,90,0,0,14,49,0,5,30,30,16,90,0,52,0,0,90,0,0,3@WATER@@,118,72,107,105,107,65,aff,att,health,49,0,0,14,30,0,5,88,88,90,90,0,52,0,0,90,0,0,3@WATER (NO EVENT EQUIPMENT)@@,95,72,80,70,76,65,health,aff,att,49,0,0,52,0,0,5,5,5,57,0,0,5,88,88,30,30,0,3@WATER@@,118,72,107,105,107,65,aff,att,health,49,0,0,14,5,0,9,9,30,90,90,0,52,0,0,90,0,0,3@THUNDER@@,95,72,80,70,76,65,health,aff,att,49,0,0,52,0,0,5,5,5,57,0,0,5,30,30,9,9,0,3@THUNDER@@,95,72,62,66,60,65,aff,att,health,49,0,0,19,0,0,9,9,96,52,0,0,19,96,0,90,0,0,3@THUNDER ANTI-KULVE@This build is only for Kulve’s “coated” phases (not the final phase) and deals incredible damage when she has a molten coat.@,95,72,107,70,103,65,aff,att,health,49,0,0,90,0,0,30,9,9,52,19,0,5,5,5,19,19,0,3@THUNDER ANTI-KULVE #1@This build prioritizes damage over convenience compared to the build below. This build is only for Kulve’s “coated” phases (not the final phase) and deals incredible damage when she has a molten coat.@,119,72,108,101,108,83,aff,att,health,49,0,0,14,52,0,9,9,45,19,0,0,19,19,0,57,45,0,2@THUNDER ANTI-KULVE #2@This build prioritizes convenience (not needing to sharpen even when striking non-weak areas) and fits Heavy Artillery for more cannon damage in the first phase. Its damage is still high with phial damage. This build is only for Kulve’s “coated” phases (not the final phase) and deals incredible damage when she has a molten coat.@,95,81,76,66,68,42,aff,att,health,9,0,0,19,0,0,0,0,0,9,96,0,19,96,0,90,0,0,1@THUNDER ANTI-KULVE (POVERTY)@This build is only for Kulve’s “coated” phases (not the final phase) and deals incredible damage when she has a molten coat.@,118,72,107,105,107,65,aff,att,health,90,90,0,44,49,0,5,38,38,90,14,0,44,0,0,52,0,0,3@ICE@Ice builds are strong versus Kulve Taroth’s final phase (no Partbreaker needed). However, they don’t deal stun damage unlike Diablos.@,84,60,62,70,76,65,aff,att,health,90,52,0,38,38,0,49,0,0,14,0,0,5,5,5,5,5,0,3@ICE@Ice builds are strong versus Kulve Taroth’s final phase (no Partbreaker needed). However, they don’t deal stun damage unlike Diablos.@,118,72,107,105,107,65,aff,health,0,90,0,0,52,49,0,5,20,20,90,90,0,16,0,0,14,0,0,3@DRAGON@@,95,72,80,70,76,65,health,aff,0,0,0,0,52,0,0,49,5,5,57,0,0,5,5,5,20,20,0,3@DRAGON@@


    • Tomas on 1st July 2019 at 8:37 pm
    • Reply

    Hello there!

    I’m currently at HR46 and I don’t have any Ironwall, Magazine, Artillery, Elementless or Tenderizer decorations (I know, RNG hates me…) mostly because I haven’t been farming tempered. Too busy doing AT KT nonstop since the event went live.

    TBH the only valuable decos I have are 2 attack jewels, so my question is: what kind of build could I use in the meantime while farming tempered elders and the like hoping to get some good decos? I’m mainly sticking to Damascus, Dober, Nergi, Death Stench and KT at the moment. Money isn’t really an issue. I have Tyrannis II, Kjarr Spark, Kjarr Ice, Nergi CB, Jho CB, Gigafrost II, almost all of the “META” CBs.

    Thank you, your builds and entire page are awesome!!

      • Makka on 3rd July 2019 at 4:27 pm
      • Reply

      You can use the absolute poverty build

      • jetpackraccoon on 16th July 2019 at 6:55 pm
      • Reply

      i’m still collecting deco’s to make these builds as well, but i threw together a set that’s all about using kjarr strongarm ice vs fire monsters weak to ice, (like teostra and lunastra). there’s absolutely better options depending on what you do or do not have available with decorations, but it sounds like all you’re missing from this is a tenderizer:

      kjarr ice, Dragon King Eyepatch (w/ tenderizer), Damascus Mail B (w/ fire res, ironwall, vitality), Rathalos Vambraces B (w/ vitality), DamascusCoil B (w/ 3 critical eyes), Dodogama Greaves B (w/ vitality), Frost Charm III and bring your fireproof mantle and temporal mantle.

      not amazing, but i’m taking out tempered teo in 10 minutes with it and can survive his explosion when unable to get clear as long as my health is kept up. the set nets you 33 fire resist.

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