MHW Builder Patch Notes v1.5.7


  • You may copy all skills from current equipped set to the Set Searcher menu with single button. Please note, that weapons, which come from Luna / ATKT weapons, are not coming from set itself, but from the weapon, so Set Searcher will return empty result.
  • Web version has tooltips and skills now. Tooltips are tracking armor pieces or decos, skills are coming from, and display current skill level in description.
  • Setting Menu should load properly now for new users (used to have at least one set saved to load).

Weapon and Armor:

  • Kulve Taroth Gamma set was added.
  • 95 Arch Tempered Kulve weapons were added.
  • Azure Starlord, Arch Tempered Vaal Hazak and Behemoth’s gear was added to PC filter options.


  • Elemental Airborne damage bonus is now working with Aerial moves (grants 100% bonus to element on aerial moves).

Bug fixes:

  • More than 16 skills in the window do not break the script anymore.
  • Clearing all set data in the Settings menu wasn’t working as intended.
  • KT CB Taroth Strongarm ‘King’ incorrect weapon data.
  • Orion pieces incorrect armor data.
  • Taroth Blitz “Support” incorrect ammo data.
  • Taroth Assault ‘Blast’ incorrect ammo data.
  • Gulgoleth’s Wail” incorrect ammo data.
  • Fixed the issue, when putting more than 12 skills to the Set Searcher caused it to ignore 13th+ skills.
  • LS Kjarr relic “Stream” Water element > Ice.
  • Kjarr “Decay” becomes white at +2 Handicraft.
  • Kjarr “Paralyze” natural blue > white.
  • Grandrock II Hammer open element > hidden element.


MHW Builder:


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    • Corrodias
    • Corrodias on 23rd December 2018 at 9:36 am
    • Reply

    Oh, wow, I was just thinking of coming here to request a “copy current skills” button. Did you read my mind?

      • Honey
      • Honey on 25th December 2018 at 10:43 am
      • Reply


    • Corrodias
    • Corrodias on 23rd December 2018 at 1:13 pm
    • Reply

    It looks like you can import sets by copying the set data from the settings menu on one system, pasting it into the settings menu in the other, and clicking “Add Data”. It claims it adds all the sets. However, they then do not show up in the sets menu. They only show up if I then click “restore” on the sets menu, but that also revives long-deleted ones.

      • Honey
      • Honey on 25th December 2018 at 10:42 am
      • Reply

      I got it.

  1. So in the builder, it references Power Prolonger Lv 3 as a 30% bonus, but in the game, it states it’s a 40% bonus. Is this a situation of the game not accurately representing the bonus time?

      • Honey
      • Honey on 30th December 2018 at 12:19 pm
      • Reply

      How much is it per lvl in game tooltip? May be just a weird misstypo, since tooltip description file is not mine.

    • Layne on 5th January 2019 at 9:17 am
    • Reply

    Would it be possible to add full burst damage to the gunlance damage window? I originally thought it was the same damage as shelling damage times how many shells but apparently fullburst gets some damage bonus that always makes it slightly higher than the normal shelling.

    • zeb
    • zeb on 13th January 2019 at 9:51 am
    • Reply

    How do I add text on the comments column on My Sets? Screenshot:

    1. mhwb/?something@short comment@long comment@

        • zeb
        • zeb on 14th January 2019 at 7:45 am
        • Reply

        Thank you so much! I’ve been searching on the web for a whole day and couldn’t find any answer.

    • 0pen
    • 0pen on 16th January 2019 at 2:13 am
    • Reply

    I think the amped state for the switch axes is showing very wrong numbers. I did some simple tests on random switch axes and the numbers did not match (unless I’m somehow doing something wrong). Love this builder btw.

    1. Lemme check maybe they changed something in mvs.

        • 0pen
        • 0pen on 19th January 2019 at 6:22 pm
        • Reply

        I did some further tests. The physical damage of the amped state seems to be correct on the builder, as the motion value appears to be 9 plus some extra damage from amped state. However, the elemental damage doesn’t match. I think the amped hit only applies about 35% of the elemental damage, which is the part that seems to be incorrect on the builder.

        For example, the builder says a Power Smasher II switch axe with 47.81 effective element will do 47 dragon damage to the training pole in amped state (2 hits). If both were regular hits, it should only be 47.81*0.3*2=28.7. If I’m right and the amped hit only applies 35% of the elemental damage, then it would be 47.81*0.3*1.35=19.4. I have no idea how the builder is getting the number 47. I tried in-game, and I was close to my expectation of 19 dragon damage (my damage dealt was 138, my calculation was 136, the builder says 164).

        I hope this is helpful, and thanks for your time.

        1. We did large workaround with SA elemental damage for amped moves. Should be nearby accurate right now. Thank you for your support!

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