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Monster Hunter: World Light Bowgun Guide And Meta Builds


Hello, and welcome to our Light Bowgun Guide for HoneyHunterWorld. This is mixed guide made from Arekkz’s Workshop series, J&T Guides with /r/ and MHGH support.

Light Bowgun Guide Basics

Arekkz Workshop series are the best guides for starting players, who want to start a learning new weapon. Arekkz covers the basics of each weapon, combo, playstyle in his videos.


Advanced Light Bowgun Guide

Welcome to our guide on the META builds for LBG in MHW! Light Bowgun is a very interesting weapon in Monster Hunter World, similar to HBG the ammo stats on your bowgun make a bigger difference than the stats on whether your DPS is high or not.

We cover the builds for the META ammo types for light bowguns: Spread, Normal 2 rapid fire, and Elemental ammo.

With these light bowgun builds you will truly be dealing MAX DEEPS!

[nickname?JinJinx & Tuna]

Spread, Rapid Fire Normal 2, Elemental

Light Bowgun Meta Builds,95,103,114,112,114,64,health,0,0,57,0,0,57,0,0,30,30,30,16,90,30,35,30,0,32,30,30,2,Recoil,Recoil,Close,130,103,114,112,114,83,health,0,0,32,0,0,57,30,30,30,30,5,90,90,5,35,5,0,90,5,94,2,Recoil,Recoil,Close,130,104,114,112,114,83,aff,0,0,35,0,0,57,30,30,30,30,0,90,90,5,26,5,0,90,5,5,2,Close,Close,Close,84,107,114,112,114,64,aff,0,0,0,0,0,5,5,0,71,0,0,90,90,5,84,5,0,90,5,5,2,Recoil,Close,Recoil,95,107,114,112,114,64,aff,aff,0,0,0,0,90,0,0,71,0,0,57,57,30,84,30,0,57,30,30,2,Recoil,Close,Recoil,130,104,114,112,114,83,aff,att,att,30,30,0,57,5,5,5,5,0,90,90,5,84,5,0,90,5,94,2,Close,Close,Recoil,125,103,114,117,114,64,aff,0,0,30,0,0,57,30,30,30,30,30,57,57,30,71,94,9,90,9,9,2,Recoil,Recoil,Recoil,125,104,114,113,114,48,aff,0,0,0,0,0,57,30,30,30,94,0,57,57,38,71,90,0,32,38,38,3,Recoil,Recoil,Recoil,119,104,114,112,114,48,aff,0,0,0,0,0,57,57,0,30,30,0,57,90,94,71,8,0,32,8,8,3,Recoil,Recoil,Recoil

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