The Iceborne META Longsword Builds

These are all the Highest DPS Longsword Builds in MHW Iceborne from MR 23 all the way to MR 100+ End End game. And yes, these META Longsword builds give you plenty of ability to run utility and defensive skills like Health Boost.

And no. None of these include the Hellish Slasher. It’s not META and it’s not all that good either, it is at best the #4 Raw Long Sword in Iceborne.

We will have a video out tomorrow talking about this in more detail, but basically the Gold Rathian Longsword is better than the Ruiner Nerg Longsword and the Shara Longsword and these are both better than the Hellish Slasher.

Technically the Acid Glavenus Longsword is also better than the Hellish Slasher, but with 10 units of purple it’s unreasonably tight to make work so we exclude that.

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