What If Zinogre HBG is the Future? Story Time

This is a new thing. I’ve been itching to do a more creative cinematography project, which is what this is.

It’s not our normal style of video, this is a speculative story about the repercussions of the Zinogre HBG in the MHW Iceborne Universe.

The insanity of the power behind the Zinogre Heavy Bowgun in Monster Hunter World Iceborne got me thinking about the potential impacts it would have. I’m a big fan of speculative hard sci fi like Black Mirror and such, so there is a lot of influence from those kinds of works.

Editting and Cinematography wise I took huge influence from VaatiVidya.
His videos are THE BEST MADE souls lore videos In my humble opinion. Be sure to check him out!

Huge Thanks to Tony, Heika, and Chicken for helping me with footage on the video!

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