Hunting Horn Guide – Best ways to use Recitals & Encores – The Artful Horner

Greetings Hunters!

It’s been quite a while since my last video guide and finally, here we are! I’m proud to announce that I’ll be doing a new series called “The Artful Horner” which focuses on best practices and efficient play for the hunting horn. For this episode, I’ll discuss the various ways the Recital and the Encore should be used, based on my own personal experience.

I’ve noticed that there aren’t many guides nor tutorials that focus on the “how and why” of many of the Hunting Horn’s features and I’d like to be one of the few who would do it.

Although this Recital Encore Guide is comprehensive, this will not talk about the basics of Hunting Horn use. I would highly suggest checking out Griffted’s Hunting Horn Masterclass video which is what initially inspired me to learn this amazing weapon in the first place.

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