Should you get the Guild Palace HH if you’re on PC?

Greetings Hunters!

I’ve seen this question get thrown a lot around and I’d like to voice my opinion in this as well. The Acidic Glavenus Horn is still the Meta Darling but there is one weakness to the build: It requires a great deal of extremely rare decorations! Because of this, the Guild Palace HH now has a chance to compete.

Check the video out to see how the Guild Palace HH compares with the Acidic Glavenus HH and decide for yourself which one you like better.

Happy Hunting!

Builds in this Guide,264,232,230,226,244,2,aff:1;health:1-;;;;-;;;;,0,0,26,0,0,158,90,0,145,5,5,340,90,0,400,16,5,392,16,16,4:3:11:392:392:29:32

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