Category: MHW Builder Patch Notes

MHW Builder Updated! v1.0.8

Added Dante’s stuff (set + CB)
Added USJ stuff (set + LS)

Great Sword:

  • Ignition was ninja nerfed back (Capcom why)

Switch Axe:

  • Elemental boost decos should work with SA phials (including caps).
  • Added missing mvs for SA
  • Added all variations for SA moves
  • You can find Amped State button in buffs menu

Long Sword:

  • Long sword spirit gauge can be found in buffs menu
  • Long sword mvs formulla correction


  • Arc shot formula correction
  • Dragon Piercer formula correction


  • Fixed Heavy bowguns not showing proper mods equipped when loaded from share url link

UI Changes:

  • Power / Armor charm and talon are now on by default
  • Gems now have their colors
  • Gem name is now colored depending on difference between slot size and gem size ( white > orange > light red)


  • Fixed Tarroth Glaive “Spew” incorrect stats
  • Fixed issue with app showing wrong gem icons when loading empty gem slots

MHW Builder updated! v.1.0.6

Set delete button now twice bigger
Name Search works for weapons
Ammo is now a bit smaller
Bowguns got their mods
Fixed sharpness mod missing in formula for melee weapons (i am very sorry about it)
Elemental correction for Bows (scaling for charges added)
Dragon Piercer lvl 4 formula added
Elementless issue fixed (yes, again)
Ignition Blade got ninja nerfed (thanks capcom) and is 240F hidden now
Fixed Doom’s Shaft incorrect element values
Self Improvement for HH was moved to buffs menu
Kinsect buffs were moved to buffs menu

Some testing…

MHW Builder updated! v.1.0.5

Sets are now sorted by first letters
Deleting a set now pops up a confirmation window in sets UI
Delete set button now has an icon of minus
You can search gear by adding letters it’s name contains in search UI
Kulve weapons now share another category, added new button to weapon search UI
Kulve bowguns now accept elementless, if they cannot shoot elemental ammo
Agitator, Critical Draw, Resentment, etc. optional skills are now off by default they will be moved to buffs section in next update
Motion values menu was reorganized for easier understanding
Motion values’ numbers were corrected with defense and resistances to be equal to ones from training area
Motion values elemental damage correction
Hitzone correction in motion values section
Slicing ammo formula correction
Blade dance formula correction
Skill levels are colored depending on it’s level compared to max level
Fixed an issue when charm level was not updating during set load
Fixed an issue when loading additional weapons before classical ones caused fail start
Fixed Taroth Glaive ‘Thief” having incorrect stats

Monster Hunter World Builder updated!

  • Gui was revamped, coz we like it smoooooz
  • Search menu now has option to search by slots filter
  • You can now search for weapons
  • Weapons and armor can be equipped through new search UI

Monster Hunter World Builder updated!

Monster Hunter World Builder updated!

  • Now there is a magnifier icon, which calls simple search UI by skills and armor piece (weapons not working atm). Also you can call that menu by clicking on equipment piece icon to the left of dropdown, which will auto search for all possible pieces for that slot. To equip just click the piece you desire in search gui. Also search gui shows skills and sockets on new piece of gear, and skills and socket on currently equipped piece of gear.
  • Skills are shown by default
  • We plan to rework equipment frame, get rid of dropdowns and add proper skill display in next update

Thank you for staying with us.