Category: MHW Builder Patch Notes

Monster Hunter World Builder updated!

  • Gui was revamped, coz we like it smoooooz
  • Search menu now has option to search by slots filter
  • You can now search for weapons
  • Weapons and armor can be equipped through new search UI

Monster Hunter World Builder updated!

Monster Hunter World Builder updated!

  • Now there is a magnifier icon, which calls simple search UI by skills and armor piece (weapons not working atm). Also you can call that menu by clicking on equipment piece icon to the left of dropdown, which will auto search for all possible pieces for that slot. To equip just click the piece you desire in search gui. Also search gui shows skills and sockets on new piece of gear, and skills and socket on currently equipped piece of gear.
  • Skills are shown by default
  • We plan to rework equipment frame, get rid of dropdowns and add proper skill display in next update

Thank you for staying with us.

MHW Builder update

Update is here!

  • Added all melee weps
  • Sharpness mod is working in eff dps calc
  • Still thinking how to implement handicraft
  • You can compare stats using comparsion menu

MHW Builder updated!

First update for MHW Builder!

  • Added save / load options, using cookies
  • Skills are now sorted by max lvl, armor set skills have priority to be on top

MHW Builder

Beta version of MHW Builder is available for testing! Some features are not working, but we’re looking forward to this!

  • Elemental damage skills are not working, since i dont know exact caps for each weapons.
  • Only GS’s are available.
  • Will add skill sorting in next build.