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Highest DPS Guard 3 Lance Build!

Woops we missed a build in the META Lance video. Sorry for the wait but here it is: The highest EFR Guard 3 Lance build for MHW.

Thank you to Tho Tho in the comments for informing us of this build we missed!

We aim to provide accurate and top notch information on Monster Hunter World and we appreciate when you guys provide us the opportunity to correct our mistakes 😀

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Which Heavy Bowgun Ammos are good?

Welcome to our guide on all of the damage ammo types for heavy bowgun in Monster Hunter World. We analyze each one and explain what makes each good or bad. That means, spread ammo, cluster ammo, normal ammo, pierce ammo, slicing ammo, wyvern ammo, and elemental ammo.

Heavy Bowgun is the most interesting weapon in MHW from a mathematical analysis perspective. Its the only weapon in the game where the animation times for your DPS change depending on your build and weapon choice.

Calculating these was actually how I(Jinx) got started doing Math in MHW. You could call it our Origin story in a way XD

Monster Hunter: World Lance Guide And Meta Builds


Hello, and welcome to our Lance Guide for HoneyHunterWorld. This is mixed guide made from Arekkz’s Workshop series, J&T Guides with /r/ and MHGH support.

Lance Basics

Arekkz Workshop series are the best guides for starting players, who want to start a learning new weapon. Arekkz covers the basics of each weapon, combo, playstyle in his videos.


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Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth P1 Quick Guide

As you probably know Jinx is an Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth Main. We’ve been doing consistent P1 runs since she came out, here’s the exact method we use to farm pursuit lvl 1 AT Kulve to get ourselves some of the best weapons in MHW: all of those juicy Kjarr Weapons.

We do apologize about the delay on getting ATKT content out to you guys. Jinx’s house burned down a few days after she initially came out, and it’s taken some time for things to get back to normal. But now they are and we can keep bringing you the Monster Hunter World Content you love!

Special thanks to again to Krusche over at Poogie Patrol for the OP strats he developed!

JM: ‘The Greatest Jagras’ Decoration Farming Math

Is the Greatest Jagras the new best way to farm decorations in MHW? Well this is our guide on the math behind the Greatest Chungus ever seen in Monster Hunter World History.

The appreciation fest has brought all of the old event quests back to Monster Hunter: World. however this new ‘The Greatest Jagras’ quest is a surprisingly effective method of farming decorations.