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WE CAN GO HIGHER! Highest Damage Number Math

So it turns out I was wrong in the previous video. We can get an even bigger Highest Damage Number in MHW Iceborne. Frostcraft is a post raw cap multiplier making it possible to go even further past the Raw Cap Limit.

It also turns out that felyne foodie still works in the training area, making it possible to hit the Raw attack Cap with room to spare on the build so we can stack some elemental modifiers for the Rajang Greatsword.

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Comfy Set Cursed Set: Free Meal / Exhaust SA

This is the first video in a potential new series of ours: Comfy Set Cursed Set. In this video we will be covering a Free Meal Secret Set that deals extremely high damage while fitting in a nice amount of defensive and utility skills.
While not an immortal set, it is about 70% of the way there while still having competitive damage with classic META sets. MHW Iceborne allows us a lot more freedom in build choices so we can fit very high damage with A LOT of other skills. Its nice.

The other set we cover in this video our cursed set, a Sleep Exhaust Switchaxe build. Between the sleeps for free wall bangs, the exhaust flinches, and the KO damage that exhaust phials on Switch Axe deal easily with ZSDs to the head, this set is SUPER FUN to play.
However it is cursed because the damage is painfully low compared to actual damage sets. Like 20%-40% lower.

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What’s the HIGHEST DAMAGE NUMBER on the pole?

So let’s talk about the Raw Attack Cap mechanic in MHW Iceborne and how it limits the highest possible damage number you can get.

The Raw Damage Cap in Monster Hunter World Iceborne suffered a really strong nerf from the raw cap of 3x your base raw in Monster Hunter World to only 2x your base raw. This makes the raw cap VERY achievable in normal hunts and means you have to consider it in a lot of builds now.

It especially makes Artillery 5 and airborne very questionably useful. If these armor skills are stacked with much else you’ll hit the Raw Cap very quickly.

The Highest Damage Status Lance Builds

Lance is a particularly interesting weapon in MHW Iceborne because Raw, Blast, Poison, and Elemental Lance all compete for optimal damage META sets.

In this video we cover the best blast lance builds, the best poison lance builds, and the best paralysis lance builds in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. All of these in their own situations are able to compete with raw options for damage output.

Some are even better as comfy builds and some are better the more cleanly you play!

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Best Transitional & Poverty Lance Builds: MHW

So we don’t normally cover transitional or poverty builds but Lance is an exception because it requires Health Augment. You can’t get a health augment on any of the META sets in MHW Iceborne until MR 100+ which is very late to start having a functional lance build.

So let’s talk about how the Kulu Yaku Lance fits into the META in Monster Hunter World Iceborne as the ideal early game, transitional, and poverty Lance build option.

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