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JM: ‘The Greatest Jagras’ Decoration Farming Math

Is the Greatest Jagras the new best way to farm decorations in MHW? Well this is our guide on the math behind the Greatest Chungus ever seen in Monster Hunter World History.

The appreciation fest has brought all of the old event quests back to Monster Hunter: World. however this new ‘The Greatest Jagras’ quest is a surprisingly effective method of farming decorations.

Which Heavy Bowgun Ammos are good?

Welcome to our guide on all of the damage ammo types for heavy bowgun in Monster Hunter World. We analyze each one and explain what makes each good or bad. That means, spread ammo, cluster ammo, normal ammo, pierce ammo, slicing ammo, wyvern ammo, and elemental ammo.

Heavy Bowgun is the most interesting weapon in MHW from a mathematical analysis perspective. Its the only weapon in the game where the animation times for your DPS change depending on your build and weapon choice.

Calculating these was actually how I(Jinx) got started doing Math in MHW. You could call it our Origin story in a way XD

The Fastest Decoration Farming: Lavasioth vs Chungus

Welcome to our guide on the fastest possible decoration farming in MHW! Today our contenders are Lavasioth vs Chungus in the quests “The Name’s Lavasioth” and “The Greatest Jagras”.

As you probably know both are excellent for farming decorations. Yes they both puke decos, but the rewards for the quests are by far the fastest decoration farm in Monster Hunter World.

But which is better? Lavasioth or Arch Tempered Jagras?

And yes, we include our personal fastest and most consistent method for farming decos.

META: What does it mean? A Brief History and Etymology

So we use the term ‘META’ a lot in our videos on MHW. But what does it mean, where does it come from, and why is it such a touchy topic for so many people who play Monster Hunter World?

Well Jinx has prepared a brief history and etymology of the term META and how it differs from the original term of Metagaming.

Hopefully this video will help everyone understand why MHW can have a META just like everything else, even if it is not a competitive PVP game.

MHW Bow Stamina Guide

Your MHW Bow Build has to consider Stamina Management & how stamina skills affect that. This guide is a fundamental explanation on how those mechanics work and what levels of the skills are optimal in Monster Hunter World.

Even if you don’t have aspirations of getting a bow speedrun world record, this MHW Bow Guide will teach you the fundamental concepts of how bow uses stamina, how to manage it, and what skills to include in your bow build.

This knowledge is necessary to mastering bow in MHW and understanding it will definitely up your game.
Or at least stop you from carting as often because you don’t have stamina to dodge when you need to.