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Honey goes MHW Math | My one nanopercent better dps set.

In this new ‘Honey goes math’ series we gonna talk about some interesting stuff about MHW, sets optimization and players efficiency.

I’m not going to coach you how to be a good player, because I never was a good player myself and that cursed concept of ‘if you’re bad in something start teaching other people’ doesn’t seem pretty good for me.

Today I’m going to talk about very popular trap people fall into, especially people, who are the progressive part of our community, which is aiming for max eFR and dps in vacuum, on example of 2 sets, one being 1% better than another.

The New Highest Damage Number (Safi Update)

The Highest Damage Number Ever

WE CAN GO HIGHER! Highest Damage Number Math

So it turns out I was wrong in the previous video. We can get an even bigger Highest Damage Number in MHW Iceborne. Frostcraft is a post raw cap multiplier making it possible to go even further past the Raw Cap Limit.

It also turns out that felyne foodie still works in the training area, making it possible to hit the Raw attack Cap with room to spare on the build so we can stack some elemental modifiers for the Rajang Greatsword.

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Coalesence – Why aren’t people using it?

Edit* bleed probably works, I just didn’t try.

I never see anyone using Coalesence. Why is that? its a crazy efficient skill. Just toss a point or so on a set, seriously. Put it on your mantles, idgaf.