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Now that you can get Bludgeoner from a charm in MHW Iceborne, a lot of people have been curious about it. So how bad is the bludgeoner armor skill in Monster Hunter World Iceborne?

It’s really.

Great for Heavy Bowgun melee build memes though.

GET GALA NOW! How to Farm 100 MHW Food Vouchers an hour

Gala is only back for 1 week for the Pre MHW Iceborne Festival. YOU NEED TO GET IT IF YOU HAVEN’T! If you want to farm food vouchers before Monster Hunter World Iceborne comes out you’ll want the gala armor set. And you only have 1 week to get it.

In this video we detail how to get the gala armor set with the appreciation tickets currently available. We also cover all the intricacies and math behind how to get fast food vouchers in MHW

You do this through the greeting the gluttons quest combined with the great luck armor set bonus from the Gala armor and several time shaving strategies.

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Jinx is dumb. How Elemental ACTUALLY WORKS in MHW Iceborne

In the previous video Jinx said some stuff about element in Iceborne. Jinx is dumb. Elemental Attack in MHW Iceborne works basically exactly the same as it does in current Monster Hunter World except we have a 6th level and they removed the caps.

Jinx tried way too hard to overcomplicate it when looking at it in our last video, sorry about that. After re examining it, Jinx realized it’s pretty clear exactly how it works lol.

We don’t normally cover MHW Iceborne News but all of this new info on Iceborne Skills is very juicy.

Max Might isn’t dead! Kinda… MHW Iceborne Skills Changes

Exciting MHW Iceborne News! Capcom streamed a bunch of armor skills changes today and we learned more about the Max Might changes!

But does this mean that Max Might is still dead in Monster Hunter World Iceborne? Well… kinda?
There are also changes to elemental caps, how the elemental attack skill works, and Weakness exploit!

Is Max Might Dead? New MHW Iceborne Leaks: Skill Changes

There has been a huge MHW Iceborne leak for the Armor skills. After looking over the changes, is Max Might Dead? To figure that out lets take a look at the new MHW Iceborne Leaks List and see what they are doing to one of our favorite armor skills.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne is looking to change a lot of things. New Monsters to fight, new iceborne weapons changes, but the armor skill changes might be the most important.
It’ll define how our sets look like before we even start Master Rank