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Best Alatreon Charge Blade Build | Element Conversion

HAHAHA IMAGINE USING DEFENSEBOOST 7 FOR DAMAGE, well we dont need to imagine… it happened. and its STRONK. Quick note: I checked the Numbers and 4% More Raw is indeed more damage than 23% more element. Kjarr decay is dead compared to Alatreon.

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PREPARATIONS | Alatreon Elemental Charge Blade Counter

Here as requested, suggested to have in addition to my raw builds till we know excactly how much it affects the suppression of his nova or if it does at all, capcom isnt the best source for any viable information inb4 datamining.

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Alatreon Charge Blade Counter Builds | High Damage & Comfort

YESSS FINALY, back to Guide & Builds and pause speedruns till games dead again. This Builds are your best bet against Alatreon. I will do probably counter builds for multiple weapons.

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CHARGE BLADE GUIDE: Iceborne Edition – Guard Points and More!

The charge blade is the technical powerhouse of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. A lot of mechanics and an answer for every situation, the CB takes a lot of work in the beginning to learn but is a joy to get better at and see yourself develop. In this guide I’ll go through the mechanics, combos, gameplay loop, and setbuilding options you should look for when playing.

The Strongest Dual Blade Builds Ever

Watch please the whole video to understand why I don’t like promoting this Builds even though they’re are entitled as Meta.

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