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Best Builds & Review | Master Ale

New Dual Blades can be used as Raw but don’t expect more damage than element. Pretty fun variety to play!

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Alatreon Counter Build: Dual Blades

Let me know if you want for other weapons, but Dual Blades seems to be the best match up for a comfortable and fast fight at the moment. Also please spread the word to NOT USE Blast or other status weapons and to always start of with Ice or Fire depending on the quest.

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The Best Alatreon Dual Blades

Yey, new Dual Blades…. That are good! o.O So much to cover now… what do you guys would like to see the most besides of Build videos?

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The New Dual Blades are Broken

Good bye safi (with respect). Kjarr beat safi damage wise on every single element but have as well 100% critchance without WEX which is just on another level. However Safi has a nice upgrade customization feature when you’re not only looking for damage, so lets not completely bully it.

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Whetfish Dual Blades Meta Build & Review

ORDER NOW & SLAP YOUR ENEMIES DO DEATH….Capcom are Meme Lords, Whetfish Dual Blades, Steak Hammer, Pick Axe longsword…What is next? Damage Comparison, Review & Builds for these water Dual Blades. Enjoy!

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