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12.02 Meta Sets Updated – Heavy Bowgun

Super special thanks to Ultimate Chad Gamer for helping me verify my sets.

Basics of it is:

Normal 3 – Safi Rapidcannon
Pierce 3 – Safi Snipecannon (although its not a huge gain)
Spread 3 – Safi Burstcannon basically replaces Zinogre, But Stygian is still useful. Its only 5% weaker than Burstcannon which is basically nothing.
Sticky/Cluster – Stick to Zorah
Elemental – Don’t

Twitter has my current sets and I will updated them as I’m making them.


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New Gunner Relics – Meta Shifts and Armor Sets

Anyone else think that the HBG looks EXACTLY like Destiny Arm? especially with the shield mods?

*edit* had made the drakshot post-vid. It running clip 5 spread is on recoil 2 and slow reload is pretty good compared to stygians Recoil 1 and slow reload…2 extra rounds are probably worth the trade, so its in the album

I should have just made a better video lol. Anyway P3 on Aqua does not compare to P2s on Bolt, its like 20% weaker when factoring in that it has half the clip size and slow reload.

HBG Sets:

LBG Sets:

Bow Sets:

Sticky Ammo in Iceborne

If I made mistakes…deal with it.

What does Heavy Bowgun have going for it in MR?

There is more to Heavy Bowgun than just Sticky/Spread. Almost all ammos are fairly good. Though there are clearly better ones… I’ll work on Ele HBG when I get some better Decos…but uhh yeah…Heavy Bowgun

Rajang Update – Augments/Gunner Weaps/Armor changes

Gotta work on updating armor sets and stuff, but yeah slightly changes, nothing too significant though.