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Highest Damage Elemental Lance Builds: MHW Iceborne META

So it turns out the highest damage lance sets are the Elemental Lance Builds. They out damage Raw lances like the Ruiner Nergigante Lance and the Rajang Lance in almost every monster in MHW Iceborne.

So here is everything you need to know about Elemental Lance Builds in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. How much stronger they are than raw builds, which styles of builds work best for them, and of course the actual Elemental Lance META Sets themselves.

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The Highest Damage Status Lance Builds

Lance is a particularly interesting weapon in MHW Iceborne because Raw, Blast, Poison, and Elemental Lance all compete for optimal damage META sets.

In this video we cover the best blast lance builds, the best poison lance builds, and the best paralysis lance builds in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. All of these in their own situations are able to compete with raw options for damage output.

Some are even better as comfy builds and some are better the more cleanly you play!

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Best Transitional & Poverty Lance Builds: MHW

So we don’t normally cover transitional or poverty builds but Lance is an exception because it requires Health Augment. You can’t get a health augment on any of the META sets in MHW Iceborne until MR 100+ which is very late to start having a functional lance build.

So let’s talk about how the Kulu Yaku Lance fits into the META in Monster Hunter World Iceborne as the ideal early game, transitional, and poverty Lance build option.

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The Best Raw Lance Builds: MHW Iceborne Meta Sets

The Patrons have spoken and Lance is the next META sets to be covered. Lance uses Raw, Elemental, and Status very well in MHW Iceborne so this will be a full series with a video covering each.

The META is MHW Iceborne is a lot more complex and nuanced than in the base game. Differences in damage amongst top contenders are within the single percents of damage and it’s a pretty great time over all.

Raw Lance works amazingly as a catch all build choice in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. But unlike in base Monster Hunter World, it is not the end all be all best damage option.
Elemental and Status both can beat these sets given the right conditions.
But they are so close that we end up with many viable options for optimal damage.

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Highest DPS Guard 3 Lance Build!

Woops we missed a build in the META Lance video. Sorry for the wait but here it is: The highest EFR Guard 3 Lance build for MHW.

Thank you to Tho Tho in the comments for informing us of this build we missed!

We aim to provide accurate and top notch information on Monster Hunter World and we appreciate when you guys provide us the opportunity to correct our mistakes 😀

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