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PREPARATIONS | Alatreon Elemental Switch Axe Counter

Disclaimer: These Builds are theoretical but atleast 80% of what an optimized Build would probably look like when have more info from Alatreon. I am not saying my builds will allow you to easily survive or kill Alatreon but enough optimized to not get completly slapped around. If we need later on to add additional elemental resistances or other nessesary skills its really just any easy swap out, since these are solid base structure Builds. But most important for me is to just explain skills and give an insight of what they do or how they benefit you. Hope you enjoy this, the majority was asking for Switch Axe!

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Elemental Switch Axes Are Now Broken

Elemental Switch Axe Meta Builds, finally its not all about Brachy or Safi Swaxe to deal damage. Enjoy!

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Comfy Set Cursed Set: Free Meal / Exhaust SA

This is the first video in a potential new series of ours: Comfy Set Cursed Set. In this video we will be covering a Free Meal Secret Set that deals extremely high damage while fitting in a nice amount of defensive and utility skills.
While not an immortal set, it is about 70% of the way there while still having competitive damage with classic META sets. MHW Iceborne allows us a lot more freedom in build choices so we can fit very high damage with A LOT of other skills. Its nice.

The other set we cover in this video our cursed set, a Sleep Exhaust Switchaxe build. Between the sleeps for free wall bangs, the exhaust flinches, and the KO damage that exhaust phials on Switch Axe deal easily with ZSDs to the head, this set is SUPER FUN to play.
However it is cursed because the damage is painfully low compared to actual damage sets. Like 20%-40% lower.

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Best Power Axe Combos: Switch Axe Combo Guide

Axe mode for the Switch Axe got some NICE BUFFS in MHW Iceborne. I mathed out all of the DPS numbers on the axe combos and determined which are the best combos to use for what situations when running a Power Axe focused run in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

Power Axe Mode for SA along with various Motion Value Buffs has made Axe Mode actually useful in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. The new axe fade slash, stronger upswings, better wild swings, and of course the extra Flinch Damage on Power Axe are all amazing improvements to Switch Axe.

This is only the first of our Switch Axe Combo Guides we’ll be putting out. Power Axe Runs are great for trip play and great for runs where you cannot run Sword Mode reliably. It’s also the best Switch Axe Playstyle to learn if you only want to learn 1 particular playstyle, it works great against every monster in the game.

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2’18 Tigrex Wild Swings Only Meme Run+Analysis

So Wild Swings are very strong after the buffs in MHW Iceborne. So here’s a helicopter run with Switch Axes that never stop wild swinging.

We’re also going to do a full analysis of the process and decision making that went into the run 😀

Now Wild Swings are not as strong as sword mode, but very strong for axe mode in Monster Hunter World Iceborne. Arguably the strongest loopable switch axe combo on axe mode, but more on that in tomorrow’s video about Power Axe Combos for SA.

While this is definitely a fun meme run and 2’18 is a pretty decent time, this is not a speedrun. We aren’t really speedrunners anymore and this run could easily have been 25-35 seconds shorter if we really wanted to refine it and reset a LOT more.

But we only had 2.5 hours to get the run down and this was our Personal Best.

A huge thank you to Tony and Icon for joining us in this run!
They’re old friends of ours and it was really nice to hunt with them again 😀

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