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Best DPS Status Sword and Shield Builds: MHW META

Sword and Shield is unique in MHW in that Raw, Elemental, and Status SnS are all META options. So let’s look at the Best Status SnS Sets in the game for maximum damage!

We’ll also be briefly covering the Best Combos for Status SnS as well as why more status through paralysis/sleep/poison attack isn’t worth using. And finally we’ll explain briefly how status threshholds work.

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Best Elemental Sword and Shield Builds ft. Jocat (MHW META)

Today we have all of the Best Elemental Sword and Shield Builds in MHW Pre Iceborne. These deal the highest DPS you can get out of elemental SnS builds.

And we have a special guest for todays video J̴̇ͅŏ̸͙ć̸̢ą̷̍ť̷͖

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MHW META Sets: Best SnS Builds for Raw ft. MaestroNox

Sword and Shield is the standard of a balanced and strong weapon in MHW. In this video we have all of the META Sets for Raw SnS.

Sword and Shield has one of the largest pool of META sets in Monster Hunter World so we will be breaking down these MHW META Sets into 3 videos.

This one covers the best SnS Builds for Raw, the next will cover Kjarr elemental SnS Builds. and the final will cover Status SnS Builds like Poison SnS and Paralysis SnS.

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Sword and Shield Tutorial: Optimal DPS Combos (MHW META)

In order to understand how the Sword and shield META builds work you have to understand how SnS Combos work in MHW. With the help of SnSpeedrunner MaestroNox we have created this Sword and Shield tutorial to teach you everything you need to know to master Sword and Shield’s many combos in Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter Math: Highest DPS Builds

Welcome to guide on how to make the highest damage builds in Monster Hunter World. This is the first in my Monster Hunter Math Series and will explain the importance of EFR or Effective Raw, which is what you look at when determining which build does the highest damage.

It is what speedrunners and optimizers like me look for when making builds. Out side of elemental weapons like bows and dual blades, but I will have a video in the near future on that topic.

If you’re wondering, how damage is calculated in Monster Hunter: World, be sure to check J&T’s guides to raw and elemental damage!