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Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth P1 Quick Guide

As you probably know Jinx is an Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth Main. We’ve been doing consistent P1 runs since she came out, here’s the exact method we use to farm pursuit lvl 1 AT Kulve to get ourselves some of the best weapons in MHW: all of those juicy Kjarr Weapons.

We do apologize about the delay on getting ATKT content out to you guys. Jinx’s house burned down a few days after she initially came out, and it’s taken some time for things to get back to normal. But now they are and we can keep bringing you the Monster Hunter World Content you love!

Special thanks to again to Krusche over at Poogie Patrol for the OP strats he developed!

Which Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth Kjarr weapons are META?

The new Kjarr weapons from Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth have shaken up the META of MHW a lot. But which ones are truly the best ones?

We have also included a build for the New META LS: The Kjarr Decay Long sword.

AT Kulve Taroth’s new Kjarr Weapons are absolutely worth the more challenging fight, and the new rewards system has made the grind one of the most forgiving so far in Monster Hunter World.

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EZPZ Extreme Behemoth: How to beat him + Builds

Welcome to our guide on the Extreme Behemoth in MHW! After this video you will know everything you need to beat this beast!

Extreme Behemoth is by far the most difficult monster to beat in Monster Hunter: World. He requires a level of skill, teamwork, planning, and understanding of his unique mechanics that no other monster in MH does.

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Arch Tempered Xeno’Jiva: How to beat him and How Xeno Gamma armor affects the META

Capcom finally got Arch Tempered right with AT Xeno. He’s the best Arch Tempered Monster in MHW. And also the most challenging. Thats why we compiled everything we know about not carting to him, how to kill him faster, and the strongest weapon matchups to use against Arch Tempered Xeno’jiva.

If you’re struggling to get your tickets for that juicy Xeno’jiva Gamma armor then the information in this video will definitely help.

We also included a short section about how the armor affects the META. It doesn’t completely change the META like Drachen but it definitely improves several weapon classes.

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The 2 Easiest Ways to kill Arch Tempered Xeno’Jiva

AT Xeno is by far the best Arch Tempered Monster in MHW. And also the most challenging. These two playstyles and builds are the easiest ways to kill Arch Tempered Xeno’jiva that we have found.

The Xeno Gamma armor is basically the drachen armor for bowguns in Monster Hunter World. If you’re struggling to get your tickets for that juicy Xeno’jiva Gamma armor, definitely give these playstyles and builds a try 😀

If you like Jinx&Tuna guides, you may also check their Kulve Taroth farming coverage!

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