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Easy and Safe Arch Tempered Nergigante Strat: N2 LBG

On his past few streams, Tuna has been testing this LBG strat for clearing Arch Tempered Nergigante. Turns out it’s super effective for easy and safe clears of AT Nerg. If you’re struggling to get solo clears on Arch Tempered Nergi, we recommend trying this strat out.

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Nergigante Gamma Armor Review + What’s Skill Efficiency

A lot of you have asked about how Arch Tempered Nergigante changes the MHW META. Well, here’s our review of the Nergigante Gamma armor set and how it fits into the current armor META of Monster Hunter World.

Arch tempered nergigante is an extremely fun fight, but as he is both a challenging monster to fight and the last known content drop before iceborne, is his nerg gamma armor set worth the pain?

Advanced Tips – Nergigante and Stagger Stacking

Advanced tips: a guide series focused around explaining in depth monster mechanics and how to exploit them. Today’s subject: Nergigante!

New Leak: You can fight Arch Tempered Nergigante

More Information on Arch Tempered Nergigante has been found! The MHW Quest Data on HP, parts HP, Damage mod, and much more has been datamined so let’s talk about it.

Nerg is the flagship monster of Monster Hunter World and we’re all excited for his AT version to fight! Hopefully these new numbers will drum up some excitement, and possibly some dread, for AT Nergigante XD

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As we were uploading that video we found out that you can actually fight Arch Tempered Nergigante. But we aren’t going to cover it because it crosses an important line for us.

We love Monster Hunter World and we respect that this was most likely a huge mistake on Capcom’s part. Hopefully this video can highlight it and they’ll fix it if they care to.

If they don’t then people get to enjoy fighting AT Nerg.