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AT Kulve Taroth Reward LV 17 P1 Guide: Fastest Kjarr Weapons

Want to know the fastest way to farm the Kjarr Weapons from Arch Tempered Kulve Taroth in MHW? Reward lvl 17 Pursuit lvl 1 hunts are literally the fastest possible method.

The Kjarr weapons are among the best weapons in Monster Hunter World, at least until Iceborne comes out, but the ATKT grind can take a while.

However, with this guide you can learn to consistently do R17 P1s. There is literally no faster way to farm the AT Kulve Taroth and those juicy Kjarr Weapons.

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And a thank you to Xan and Poogie Patrol, be sure to check out their new WR 7’43 ATKT P1 Run!

Mathematically Best Builds for Kulve Taroth on PC [Post KT Gear]

Welcome to our guide on the PC’s best builds for KT in MHW! These are the META and optimal builds updated for after you have her gear on PC. These are at the moment the best builds for taking on the Kulve Taroth siege in Monster Hunter World. They’ll definitely help you farm those juicy Relic Weapons!

Are you looking for pre-Kulve sets? Be sure to check Kulve Taroth basics guide by Jinx&Tuna and Step by Step Kulve Taroth Guide!

Kulve Taroth Post KT Builds

Special thanks to Aradi147 and Hexhexhex again for all the round of testing KT 😀

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Kulve Taroth farm Step by Step Guide

This is our quick start guide to beating pursuit lvl 1 Kulve Taroth which are at least twice as fast as traditional farming methods.
When you know what you are doing, a typical P1 KT run takes 10-13 minutes to get max gold rewards for those juicy relic weapons. And armed with the knowledge in this guide you will know how to do them!

Quick Start Guide

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Kulve Taroth PC Guide: Basics, Best weapons/builds, Which relics to keep!

Welcome to our guide on Kulve Taroth for PC in MHW! We’ve learned pretty much everything there is to know about KT and since she is coming to PC we want to share that knowledge with you!

She is definitely one of the most different and interesting fights in Monster Hunter World. More than just tips and tricks, we hope this video helps shed some light on how she works, how to beat her, and what weapons are worth keeping 😀

Kulve Taroth Basics

Be sure to check out our Advanced guides if you want to learn more about how Kulve Taroth works: HoneyHunter’s or YouTube playlist.

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Advanced Kulve Taroth Tips and Tricks Guide

Welcome to our guide on how to CC Chain Kulve Taroth with Bow and Heavy Bowgun in MHW! This is the easiest way to breaking KT’s Horns by CC chaining her until the horns break. And yes, this works on PC and Console!

Kulve is one of the more difficult monsters to farm quickly in Monster Hunter World because of how hard it is to hit her horns in Area 4. With a solid CC hunter in your team, area 4 becomes much easier to clear consistently and quickly. This especially makes P1 runs much easier, which are over twice as fast as traditional 2 run hunts.

Advanced Bow CC Guide

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