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Ruining Ruiner – How to deal with Ruiner Nergigante

Had enough of Ruiner stuff yet? I certainly have. I figured it would be best to put together what I’ve learned after all my ruiner attempts, hopefully some of it is useful to you all.

Bow Info Depository – Updated Bow Guide

I don’t like the term “guide” because honestly its just more of a “git gud”. But I can at least provide as much information as I can to help you succeed and make your bow play as smooth as possible.

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Bowguns and Ammunition info dump

Again, this isn’t a “guide” because dudes, theres so much to determine whats the best bowguns to use. This is just an info dump on how bowguns work and the properties of their ammo.

Guild Palace Weapons – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Good for now until safi’jiiva hits on PC. Do love that LBG.

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Think I got the point across? I hope so.