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Bowguns and Ammunition info dump

Again, this isn’t a “guide” because dudes, theres so much to determine whats the best bowguns to use. This is just an info dump on how bowguns work and the properties of their ammo.

Guild Palace Weapons – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Good for now until safi’jiiva hits on PC. Do love that LBG.

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Think I got the point across? I hope so.

Mods Updated for Iceborne

I said easy peasy a lot…
Oh also the Window Close Fix does not work either, rip. CRC is NOW patched as I edit this. Capcom just disabled the window close bypass and that was all for the patch, they just made it worse. Thanks.

Lego Monster Hunter World

Frosty and I were Hunting today while I was not at my PC, so I decided to record some potato laptop (potato by my standards at least) footage of Lego Monster Hunter.