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Guild Palace Weapons – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Good for now until safi’jiiva hits on PC. Do love that LBG.

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12.02 Meta Sets Updated – Bow

Special thanks to Tazztyyy for helping me check sets, and SSH for showing me the power of raw Bow.

Twitter has my current sets and I will updated them as I’m making them.


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New Gunner Relics – Meta Shifts and Armor Sets

Anyone else think that the HBG looks EXACTLY like Destiny Arm? especially with the shield mods?

*edit* had made the drakshot post-vid. It running clip 5 spread is on recoil 2 and slow reload is pretty good compared to stygians Recoil 1 and slow reload…2 extra rounds are probably worth the trade, so its in the album

I should have just made a better video lol. Anyway P3 on Aqua does not compare to P2s on Bolt, its like 20% weaker when factoring in that it has half the clip size and slow reload.

HBG Sets:

LBG Sets:

Bow Sets:

The Current Bow Meta in Iceborne

Arc Shots are still useable, for like 1 KO, but thats about it.
*Update* Testing actually shows that TCE is 1.55 instead of 1.64 still good and OP, but yeah clarification error

1K dragons is good for a wakeup-stagger, I know. but please don’t make builds around it.

Sets posted are not entirely optimal, you can do more with better level 4 Decos like Con/Stam Surge.

The Great Spread Debate

Admittedly the Rapid Fire Spread 2 looks a little suspect, not sure if the calculator is messing up the calcs there for that, buuuuut I have no reason to doubt it right now, just going to have to go with it. Also again for the 3rd time, this is paper DPS. positioning with evade reloads is a pain as you have to keep moving. So yeahh….