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The Great Spread Debate

Admittedly the Rapid Fire Spread 2 looks a little suspect, not sure if the calculator is messing up the calcs there for that, buuuuut I have no reason to doubt it right now, just going to have to go with it. Also again for the 3rd time, this is paper DPS. positioning with evade reloads is a pain as you have to keep moving. So yeahh….

Update 6.0 and Gunner Set Changes

Reuploaded, sorry I don’t know what happened before.
TL;DR no significant changes were made, just slightly better or more consistent values across the board.

I did not play with elemental ammo, so theres still that to look forward to I suppose.

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A seriously fast Bow guide (Essentials Only)

Ask and you shall barely receive. (I don’t like making guides). People asked for an updated bow guide, well…deal with it. Its basically everything you need to know about playing a bow.

If you’re too lay to make a set and still find a way to complain, stop playing.

And yeah a combination of those crappy weapons guides and people asking for another bow guide spawned this monstrosity. I do love shitty guides.

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Bow and Bowgun basics

Hey peoples, nothing a lot of people didn’t already know, but yeah.