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12.02 Meta Sets Updated – Heavy Bowgun

Super special thanks to Ultimate Chad Gamer for helping me verify my sets.

Basics of it is:

Normal 3 – Safi Rapidcannon
Pierce 3 – Safi Snipecannon (although its not a huge gain)
Spread 3 – Safi Burstcannon basically replaces Zinogre, But Stygian is still useful. Its only 5% weaker than Burstcannon which is basically nothing.
Sticky/Cluster – Stick to Zorah
Elemental – Don’t

Twitter has my current sets and I will updated them as I’m making them.


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New Gunner Relics – Meta Shifts and Armor Sets

Anyone else think that the HBG looks EXACTLY like Destiny Arm? especially with the shield mods?

*edit* had made the drakshot post-vid. It running clip 5 spread is on recoil 2 and slow reload is pretty good compared to stygians Recoil 1 and slow reload…2 extra rounds are probably worth the trade, so its in the album

I should have just made a better video lol. Anyway P3 on Aqua does not compare to P2s on Bolt, its like 20% weaker when factoring in that it has half the clip size and slow reload.

HBG Sets:

LBG Sets:

Bow Sets:

Adept Stormslinger – Bowgun Review

I think i just sound like I don’t like this LBG, but I really do, its crazy strong. Don’t think im unappreciative, its great. Its has a specific use and its perfect for it.

Elemental Gunning – Gimme more

Apprently the ele MV is actually 8+22 base. I got a similar result from my tests, but the guidebook that just came out says its lower… Kind of weird that they’d lower it from HR to MR…doesnt make much sense

Also Theres really not much of a reason to use Ele HBG over LBG. You can if you want to, but the extra power isn’t worth HBG mobility in almost all cases.

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Raw Light Bowguns – Plentiful and Sort of Powerful

Sorry took too long to get this one done, I’ve been very busy. I’ll try to get elementals done early next week?

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