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Elemental Gunning – Gimme more

Apprently the ele MV is actually 8+22 base. I got a similar result from my tests, but the guidebook that just came out says its lower… Kind of weird that they’d lower it from HR to MR…doesnt make much sense

Also Theres really not much of a reason to use Ele HBG over LBG. You can if you want to, but the extra power isn’t worth HBG mobility in almost all cases.

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Raw Light Bowguns – Plentiful and Sort of Powerful

Sorry took too long to get this one done, I’ve been very busy. I’ll try to get elementals done early next week?

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Sticky Ammo in Iceborne

If I made mistakes…deal with it.

What does Heavy Bowgun have going for it in MR?

There is more to Heavy Bowgun than just Sticky/Spread. Almost all ammos are fairly good. Though there are clearly better ones… I’ll work on Ele HBG when I get some better Decos…but uhh yeah…Heavy Bowgun

Rajang Update – Augments/Gunner Weaps/Armor changes

Gotta work on updating armor sets and stuff, but yeah slightly changes, nothing too significant though.