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Gunner Meta Set updated for v13.5 – MR Kulve Update

Still stick sorry, uhhh yeah decent amount of changes for Kulve. Also yes I’m aware theres a bajillion ways to do bow sets. they’re so minimally different. uhhh If i missed a bowgun, yell at me on twitter or something, but I didn’t see anything else.

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Gunner Meta Set updated for v13.01 – Variants Update

Sorry about the voice, been sick for a long time, finally getting back into things. Anyway may have made mistakes, haven’t fully tested everything, but it seems solid for now.
Thank you discord buddies for helping me catch up.

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Guild Palace Weapons – 2 out of 3 ain’t bad

Good for now until safi’jiiva hits on PC. Do love that LBG.

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12.02 Meta Sets Updated – Heavy Bowgun

Super special thanks to Ultimate Chad Gamer for helping me verify my sets.

Basics of it is:

Normal 3 – Safi Rapidcannon
Pierce 3 – Safi Snipecannon (although its not a huge gain)
Spread 3 – Safi Burstcannon basically replaces Zinogre, But Stygian is still useful. Its only 5% weaker than Burstcannon which is basically nothing.
Sticky/Cluster – Stick to Zorah
Elemental – Don’t

Twitter has my current sets and I will updated them as I’m making them.


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Coalesence – Why aren’t people using it?

Edit* bleed probably works, I just didn’t try.

I never see anyone using Coalesence. Why is that? its a crazy efficient skill. Just toss a point or so on a set, seriously. Put it on your mantles, idgaf.