HunterPie is a modern, clean and easy-to-use Overlay with Discord Rich Presence support for Monster Hunter: World.


  • Discord Rich Presence support: Displays all the information about your hunt, character directly on your Discord status.
  • Clean and detailed overlay: The overlay is designed to have all the useful information you need without clustering your screen.
  • Automatic updates: HunterPie can update itself whenever possible, looking for the latest files on startup.
  • Integration with Honey Hunters World: With one click you can export your current character build to HHW.
  • Easy to use and to configure: HunterPie has a very easy to use settings window.


Discord Rich Presence


Displays your character information, zone, state directly on your Discord status.




HunterPie has multiple widgets, they can be enabled or disabled separately and has their own customizations.


Monster Widget


Displays information about the monster health, parts, ailments, enrage timer, monster icon, name, crown, weaknesses and you can have customize its colors by using theme files!


Harvest Box Widget


Tracks the player’s harvest box and activities to display them in only one widget. It also warns the player whenever a fertilizer is about to expire, the steam fuel is full, Argosy is in town and when Tailraiders are back from their expedition.


Abnormalities Widget


Tracks your buffs and debuffs and displays them all in your buff bar, you can have up to 5 different buff bars and you can select which buffs you want individually in each bar.


Damage Widget


Displays you and your party total damage and damage per second.


Specialized Tools Widget


Tracks and display your equipped mantle cooldowns and timers.


Build Uploader


Generates a link to Honey Hunters World with your gear information, so you can share your build with friends!


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