Known issues list

Please report the bug under latest patch notes, if you find any. For example, this ones are the latest.

Known issues list:

    • Elemental Airborne damage bonus.
    • Bludgeoner not working.
    • sns is x1 sharpness (not x2)
    • changing loc removes all jewels from slots
    • cannot show more than 15 skills
    • literal check for luna weapons in localization
    • summer event spear in localization
    • aloy’s y set
    • butterfly / beetle japanese set
    • power shot lvl 1 = quick shot
    • more than 16 skills breaks skills update
    • auto-reset button for buffs
    • full set charms not working (??)
    • clear all data doesn’t remove local data for sets
    • KT CB Taroth Strongarm ‘King’ lists as 684 / 20% / 120 Fire, however I have this item in game (PC) and it’s 684 / 30% / 160 Fire (also +20 Def – not sure where/if this is listed in MHWB)
    • While trying to make a build I noticed there was a mistake with the Orion chest piece. It says it gives one level of health boost and comes with a level 3 and a level 1 slot while it actually gives one level of flinch free and a level 3 slot instead.