Known issues list

Please report the bug under latest patch notes, if you find any. For example, this ones are the latest.

Known issues list:

  • Bludgeoner not working.
  • changing loc removes all jewels from slots
  • literal check for luna weapons in localization
  • LS Kjarr relic “stream”, it is shown as a water element one when it has ice instead
  • Buildcards for mobile
  • Load presets not working
  • Wrong crit on Empress SnS
  • Hotkeys
  • Autofill for decos
  • Buffs display on Buildcards
  • Buffs compact view
  • demon pill > might pill
  • Ammo grid datamine
  • Sharpness grid datamine
  • PC / Mobile sync
  • Light theme
  • Checking adblock script lag
  • Dragonbow 5x dragon att jewels instead of 4x
  • % damage mods multiply
  • SS presets reload bug
  • Set Searcher ignoring PC/PS filter sometimes