Known issues list

Please report the bug under latest patch notes, if you find any. For example, this ones are the latest.

Known issues list:

  • Elemental Airborne damage bonus.
  • ” , ” symbol in set name causes set loading errors.
  • Magda Lahat gets blue at +3 handi.
  • Bludgeoner not working.
  • Elemental / Status rounding on skill-ups.
  • Fire and Ice having wrong elemental crit values (still missing icons).
  • Butterfly / King / Queen beetle mess up.
  • Blast damage elemental > status.
  • Elemental rounding on half-awakened element / status.
  • Great Sword elemental damage bonus on some moves.
  • error for Sword and Shield, site shows that Airborne skill affects damage of Falling Bash when it actually doesn’t
  • Zorah y flags sets as “vanilla”