Monster Hunter World Stories

Monster Hunter Stories: Iceborne overhauls the game by letting the player hunt with their favorite monsties at their side. Options let you choose whether you want to leave your monstie in Seliana for your next quest should you want to play with friends who don’t have the mod installed. The monsties aren’t meant to “carry” the player, but are aimed to offer a more significant contribution to the hunt than a palico to make them relevant while still dishing out less punishment than an average player. Currently balanced around MR content, the mod is meant to spice up a solo player’s journey but can still be used in coop if all players have it installed and select the same monstie with multiplayer mode enabled.




  • Gives a pet monster quest companion that follows you around the map and attacks nearby hostile monsters.
  • Pet monsters can be mounted easily.
  • When mounted, it will track the nearest enemy monster and run/fly to it.
  • Pets can attack while you are on their back.
  • Use the mount stab action to tell your pet to perform a dodge. If your pet is staggered too many times or toppled by an enemy monster, you will be knocked off mount
  • Your pet will help you out of stun/para/sleep if it isn’t stuck in a combo.


List of Available Monsters



Iceborne Changes


  • In this version, all pets have been given evasive/countering/tanking capabilities. Every few hit they take, they’ll perform a dodge or shrug off the hit (depends on the monster) instead of flinching or getting knocked over. This change was made because monsters like Nergigante would stunlock pets.
  • Flying pets will fly only if mounted on their back, and will run if the hunter is on any other part.




Do NOT use this mod with people that don’t have the mod installed. Options will let you choose, whether you want to leave your monstie in Seliana for your next quest, if you want to play with friends, who don’t have the mod installed.

Multiplayer is currently available through options in the pet manager. Make sure every party member is using the same pet!


You need >>> Stracker’s Loader <<< installed to use this mod.


Monster Hunter Stories – Iceborne Pet Armory



A visual addition to for Monster Hunter World Stories mod, adds an armor for your pet for a distinct look and extra protection. This mod is purely cosmetic, it doesn’t affect the total stats of the pet.


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