MHW Builder Updated! v.1.1.3


  • Mobile App got larger buttons
  • Only complete Armor Set bonuses will be shown now
  • When choosing Save As option in Set menu, popup input will now try to focus.

Set Searcher:

  • Shows Defenses from new found set
  • Has priority for showing filtered skills in tooltip first
  • Shows amount of skill levels that comes from gear and how many skills come from gems
  • Equips gems when choosing set
  • Excluding Skill in filters now work as intended
  • Set Searcher wont show duplicate sets anymore
  • Fixed incorrect skill tooltip on Charms, when equipped from Set Searcher
  • Set Searcher will now exclude Set Bonuses, if “LvL 0” is chosen

Switch Axe:

  • Phial will now overwrite innate SA element


  • Wyvernblast formula correction
  • Wyvernheart formula correction
  • Wyvernsnipe formula correction
  • Elementless will now work with bowguns as intended

Overall fixes:

  • Defense augment is now giving Divine Protection effect instead of Health augment (please note, that actually ingame it is separate from Divine Protection, coming from gems)
  • We received some info about LR bowguns mods showing incorrect data, some further testing is required

MHW Builder Updated! v1.1.2


  • Health augment now adds 1lvl of Divine Protection (hidden ingame)
  • Amped State and Self-Improvement now add Mind’s Eye effect
  • Web version now updates it’s URL in browser, when you change something in your build (for those, who’s lazy enough not to click on URL button ^^)
  • Set Searcher is now working fast and smooth
  • When using web version, when opening Search UI, cursor now focus on name input
  • Added alert boxes for saving and copying URL
  • Jewel and Search menu got their close buttons to fit overall UI style

Charge Blade:

  • Added move Sword Strengthening (Bonus)
  • Added move Condensed Element Slash Aftershock
  • Added move Elemendal Discharge I & II

Switch Axe:

  • Fixed elemental mod for Amped Explosions

Long Sword:

  • Fixed elemental mod for Helm Splitter


  • Fixed Taroth Buster “Sleep”, showing incorrect stats
    Fixed Diablos beta boots, showing incorrect stats


MHW Builder:

MHW Builder Updated! v. 1.1.0


  • Armor Set Searcher is here!

Switch Axe:

  • Power phial got ninja nerfed
  • Power element phial got ninja buffed

Charge Blade

  • Impact phial formula correction

MHW Builder Updated! v1.0.9


  • Guide Added:
  • New “Last Edited” feature. When you close app or web page, the tool will show you last unsaved changes called “My Last Edited Set”
  • Many optimization tricks, greatly reduced intput lag for IOS and older android versions
  • Fixed annoying bug preventing loading sets from url under certain conditions
  • Jewel menu got it’s close button
  • Switch Axe, Longsword, Dual Blades, etc pics were removed, all class-related mechanics can be accessed from Buffs menu
  • Triggerable skills like Agitator, Latent Power, Heroics, etc can be turned on/off in the Buffs section (listed under “items”)
  • Airborne now works as intended


  • Shelling formula correction
  • Added damage numbers for Wide (spread) LvL 4 shelling


  • Dragon Piercer formula correction

Charge Blade:

  • Phial numbers should round in proper way


Monster Hunter World Builder Guide. v.1.0

Set Menu. Saving and Loading

MHW Builder lets you full control over your saved sets, with most usefull info in preview. By launch it will show you your last unsaved changes. Then you can proceed to Set Menu and manipulate your saved sets.


Sharing sets via URL links

You can share your sets via url link. To get url link for your set, just hit the URL button in menu.

This button will copy the link to your current set into your clipboard. Then you can just paste it in any chat or comment. If user clicks the link, it will open linked set in web version of tool.

If you want to add set to the app from url link, look for New from URL button in set menu:

Put you link into popup window and hit “Load”. Now you have linked set directly in your app! (And dont forget to save it ^^).

Searching for weapon

You can search for weapons and preview most stats from search menu. At this moment (v. 1.0.8) you can only specify letters for weapon search. Look forward for more filters in next versions.


Searching for gear

MHW Builder lets you to search gear by various criteria.

Priority for filters is always Name > Sockets > Skills.


Set Searcher


  1. Skills we want our set to have
  2. Equipment pieces to parse
  3. Count missing skills on set as sockets (f.e. lvl 2 socket will count as 1 lvl of missing Crit Boost, that will include sockets on your currently equipped weapon)
  4. Sockets weight for Rating. (if option 3 is on, only exceptional sockets will count for Rating)
  5. Skills we dont want our set to have
  6. Special Event / Stuff we dont want to include in our search.

Let’s try. For example, I want set with 4 Attack Boost, 3 Maximum Might, 3 Critical boost, 3 Weakness Exploit, 3 Vitality.

Rating > 0 means, that some sets have exceptional sockets on it, so I can ask for more skills. Also, I want to exclude Kulve Taroth gear for this time, because I missed it. Now I want more Attack Boost skill, lets say 5lvl.

It seems I can still even add more skills exclude some pieces from my search. But, anyway, I’d likely to pick set No.3. I simply click it, and it’s on my character!






Creating new set Example

Okay, now I want to create my first set. I click Folder button in main menu and open set menu. Now I click “+” button to start from fresh template.

Now I choose the weapon, let it be Bone Hunting Horn:

I want my weapon to have Affinity, Health and Damage augment:

Now I want something with Maximum might skill. I open Search UI via “Magnifier” icon and add some filters:

I click on boots and charm:

Now I want to add some Weakness Exploit pieces to my set and maybe some Attack Boost:

Finally I picked up all pieces:

It’s Decoration time!

Now choose buffs from Buff menu. I pick Attack (L) food, Power Charm + Talon, Attack(L) song and Self-Improvement.

Now I check up my stats, skills and damage moves:

Okay, I like it. Now Im going to save and name it.

And here it is!

And i want to share it. Here it is!,83,74,79,76,78,90,aff,health,att,16,0,0,82,0,0,26,0,0,96,0,0,16,0,0,90,0,0,1