Monster Hunter Math: Motion Values and HitZone Values

This is our Monster Hunter Math guide on How Damage is Calculated in MHW covering what Motion Values and Hitzone Values are.

These videos go beyond just simple MHW tips and tricks, armed with the knowledge in this video you will have a deep understanding of these concepts in Monster hunter World.
Learning them is crucial to understanding how much damage you deal and ultimately will also help you learn how to deal more damage.

The 2 Easiest Ways to kill Arch Tempered Xeno’Jiva

AT Xeno is by far the best Arch Tempered Monster in MHW. And also the most challenging. These two playstyles and builds are the easiest ways to kill Arch Tempered Xeno’jiva that we have found.

The Xeno Gamma armor is basically the drachen armor for bowguns in Monster Hunter World. If you’re struggling to get your tickets for that juicy Xeno’jiva Gamma armor, definitely give these playstyles and builds a try 😀

If you like Jinx&Tuna guides, you may also check their Kulve Taroth farming coverage!

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Mathematically Best Builds for Kulve Taroth on PC [Post KT Gear]

Welcome to our guide on the PC’s best builds for KT in MHW! These are the META and optimal builds updated for after you have her gear on PC. These are at the moment the best builds for taking on the Kulve Taroth siege in Monster Hunter World. They’ll definitely help you farm those juicy Relic Weapons!

Are you looking for pre-Kulve sets? Be sure to check Kulve Taroth basics guide by Jinx&Tuna and Step by Step Kulve Taroth Guide!

Kulve Taroth Post KT Builds

Special thanks to Aradi147 and Hexhexhex again for all the round of testing KT 😀

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MHW Builder Patch Notes v1.5.5


  • You may perform literal search for Decorations and Skills names in both Deco and Set Searcher menus.
  • There is a filter option available for PC / PS4 players in both mobile and Web versions.
  • Sharpness indicator was reworked. It will track approximate amount of hits, and became more intuitive.
  • Bowguns have more info fields from now, you may experiment with recoil / reload / clip size and notice, how your total RPT / eTR changes, depending on this values.

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Kulve Taroth farm Step by Step Guide

This is our quick start guide to beating pursuit lvl 1 Kulve Taroth which are at least twice as fast as traditional farming methods.
When you know what you are doing, a typical P1 KT run takes 10-13 minutes to get max gold rewards for those juicy relic weapons. And armed with the knowledge in this guide you will know how to do them!

Quick Start Guide

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