How to compile your .au3 file into binary


Step 1. First, you need to install Autoit3 and Scite Editor:

Autoit3 Setup:

Scite Editor:

Step 2. After installing Scite and Autoit3, open your au3. file with editor and hit Ctrl+F7.

In next window, check:

  • Compile x86 for 32bit or x64 for 64bit systems
  • Use UPX option
  • Add required Constants*.au3 to your script

Hit “Compile Script”

Step 3. Find your .exe file and put in the same directory with optional resource files. Run it.

Monster Hunter Builder beta

First beta release of MHW Builder. Some features are still WIP and will be added later. Keep in mind, that sometimes autoit binaries are getting false positive virus scan checks. Example