MHW Builder Updated! v1.0.8

Added Dante’s stuff (set + CB)
Added USJ stuff (set + LS)

Great Sword:

  • Ignition was ninja nerfed back (Capcom why)

Switch Axe:

  • Elemental boost decos should work with SA phials (including caps).
  • Added missing mvs for SA
  • Added all variations for SA moves
  • You can find Amped State button in buffs menu

Long Sword:

  • Long sword spirit gauge can be found in buffs menu
  • Long sword mvs formulla correction


  • Arc shot formula correction
  • Dragon Piercer formula correction


  • Fixed Heavy bowguns not showing proper mods equipped when loaded from share url link

UI Changes:

  • Power / Armor charm and talon are now on by default
  • Gems now have their colors
  • Gem name is now colored depending on difference between slot size and gem size ( white > orange > light red)


  • Fixed Tarroth Glaive “Spew” incorrect stats
  • Fixed issue with app showing wrong gem icons when loading empty gem slots

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