MHW Builder Patchnotes v1.4.1

MHW Builder Patchnotes v1.4.1


  • You can now filter saved sets by weapon
  • We got rid of Save As button, confusing users, and now we just rename name of the set with “pencil” button and click save (much more intuitive as I think)
  • Timeout wrapper for mobiles was changed to 2.5 seconds (for those, who experiencing slow loading times from preview)
  • Agitator and PP are back to 100% uptime on web galleries
  • Got rid of duplicate Hit Zones in Monster Catalogue
  • Diablos Hit Zones are back and Vaal Hazak has found his icon
  • Set Searcher will now show estimated eTR + Element for currently equipped weapon
  • Set Searcher will now parse all found sets and suggest skills, that aren’t filtered, but persist on some of found sets

Switch Axe:

  • Power Smasher should now work fine with Crit Element


  • Slicing display correction (going to be ‘x 5’ thingie for easier understanding)
  • Slicing was using wrong Hit Zone data
  • Slicing was using bowgun mods modifiers for some reason

Long Sword:

  • Helm Splitter Formula Correction


  • Discovered all (I hope) penalties for elemental damage for Lance moves


  • Set skills not opening from url
  • Doesnt find if skill more than max req


MHW Builder:

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