Kulve Taroth PC Guide: Basics, Best weapons/builds, Which relics to keep!

Welcome to our guide on Kulve Taroth for PC in MHW! We’ve learned pretty much everything there is to know about KT and since she is coming to PC we want to share that knowledge with you!

She is definitely one of the most different and interesting fights in Monster Hunter World. More than just tips and tricks, we hope this video helps shed some light on how she works, how to beat her, and what weapons are worth keeping 😀

Kulve Taroth Basics

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Be sure to check out our Advanced guides if you want to learn more about how Kulve Taroth works: HoneyHunter’s or YouTube playlist.

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Special thanks to Hex for the datamined KT drop rate numbers and for all he does for the community!

If you’re looking for guide to Kulve Taroth farm, be sure to check Step by Step Kulve Taroth farming guide by Jinx & Tuna

Pre Kulve Taroth Builds

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Post KT gear can be found in Post KT Mixed sets Guide by Jinx&Tuna.

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?233,84,62,86,60,86,76,aff,aff,aff,30,0,0,30,30,0,57,0,0,9,10,0,19,0,0,10,10,0,2,Recoil,Recoil,Recoil@P1-P3@Thunder RF LBG set for Clothed KT. By far the highest DPS but has less concentrated damage so it struggles more at breaking specific parts rather than just breaking all da things. Heavily recommended as your started option due to it being very safe from the range + mobility. KT’s hitboxes are weird and she hits really hard.!brFeel free to swap bomber decos for expert decos if not using bomb strats. But bombadier is very recommended bc Thunder LBGs damage is already stupidly good enough.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?281,99,67,86,60,60,59,aff,aff,0,30,0,0,84,30,0,30,0,0,30,9,0,35,0,0,58,0,0,3@P1-P3@Thunder Bow for Clothed KT. One of the 2 best concentrated damage options next to the Thunder DBs. This is one of the few cases where we consider Crit eye more valuable than bombadier because you can’t fit much affinity otherwise in this set without it. Unless you run affinity booster for area 2, in which case switch the expert decos to bombadier decos.!brDefinitely the best weapon choice for breaking off the horn plating.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?82,67,60,86,66,110,76,health,0,0,0,0,0,30,30,0,30,0,0,30,30,0,75,30,0,90,30,0,2@P1-P3@There are 2 DB options for Clothed KT. Honestly they end up hitting around the same, one is better with different attacks on DB so use whichever you want. However Kirin DBs outperforms the DDs when running bombadier decos. Switch expert decos for bombadier decos if using bomb strats. !br Mushie level 1 is a byproduct of the set but nice bc 10 blue mushies for healing is naisu.!br Health aug is a very good idea on every melee weapon because KT can chip you a lot with the lava breath attacks, and damage uptime pressure is important so healing that up through attacks instead of megapotioning is very helpful.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?68,99,60,62,66,86,65,aff,aff,health,71,0,0,90,30,0,30,0,0,19,0,0,75,30,0,9,9,0,3@P1-P3@Same as above, change expert decos for bombadier decos if using bomb strats although Kirin DBs will outperform the DDs in that case.@https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?44,95,94,80,66,76,76,aff,health,0,0,0,0,57,0,0,57,75,0,16,0,0,16,30,0,30,30,0,2@P1-P3@This is a TEMPLATE build for any jho weapons you might want to run against Clothed KT. Just change the weapon out to your favorite choice. Jho weapons tend to outperform blos options on Clothed KT at this point due to needing partbreaker in the set, which blos builds struggle to fit in.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?70,67,60,80,56,76,62,aff,aff,health,75,0,0,30,30,0,30,0,0,16,0,0,16,0,0,38,38,0,3@P4@Ice DBs for Nekked KT. If you don’t want bombadier bc you aren’t using bomb strats then switch out the charm for attack charm and change an expert deco to an attack deco. HOWEVER bombs are heavily recommended to use against Nekked KT, its a lot of free damage when you can get all 9 mega bombs off. !br Fire and Ice also works well, Blast Math is hard to crunch especially against KT so we aren’t 100% sure which will be better. But we’re leaning towards Freeze chains due to the higher ice HZVs. But either work well, the build doesn’t change with fire and ice just switch out the weapon.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?275,88,72,62,60,70,59,aff,0,0,0,0,0,30,30,30,30,38,10,58,0,0,84,0,0,35,0,0,3@P4@Ice bow for Nekked KT. Affinity booster is very recommended with this build but you’ll still be dealing high damage per arrow without crits tbh. Not as high as most melee options but you have the advantage of very high damage uptime because you can shoot the head basically all the time.!br Focus is purely a sideeffect of the armor choices, it doesn’t really do anything useful. !br Non bombadier version is below.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?275,88,94,84,60,60,59,aff,0,0,0,0,0,30,30,30,58,30,0,30,30,38,35,0,0,84,0,0,3@P4@The only really useful thing you gain from losing bombadier is 10 affinity so it’s honestly very MEH. But if you aren’t planning on using bombs then this is the best set for pure arrow damage.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?195,95,94,110,56,76,62,aff,health,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,57,75,0,90,30,0,16,0,0,30,30,0,3@P4@This is another TEMPLATE build for jho weapons vs Nekked KT. Use whatever jho weapon you like most, they are the strongest options vs KT due to her 35 HZVs for Dragon Damage. Again, bombadier very recommended, but none bombadier version is below.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?44,95,94,84,56,78,65,aff,health,0,0,0,0,16,0,0,75,90,0,30,30,30,16,0,0,57,0,0,3@P4@None Bombadier version of the TEMPLATE jho build vs Nekked KT. You gain 10% affinity and 1 more handicraft which is nice. Personally we still recommend using bombs against KT but this is the best option if you don’t want to.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?245,88,62,84,60,86,62,aff,0,0,57,0,0,30,30,30,57,0,0,30,30,94,57,0,0,94,38,0,3,Recoil,Recoil,Recoil@P4@Ice LBG for Nekked KT. It is HEAVILY recommended you use bombs with ice LBG and your mines bc it simply doesn’t deal that much horn damage so you want to squeeze what damage you can in. Howver Ice LBG is nice for building trips because of the body damage pierces that build up towards tripping KT. !br Extremely high dps uptime though due to the range on ice ammo.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?248,95,88,87,86,86,83,aff,aff,0,0,0,0,71,0,0,94,94,0,30,0,0,90,10,0,10,10,0,2,Recoil,Reload,Reload@P4@Slicing LBG build for Nekked KT. Again, bombs are highly recommended because you don’t deal too much damage per shot with slicing and you run out of ammo fairly fast. Same with mines, you want to squeeze in what damage you can. !br The sleep ammo on this is nice for getting 1 sleep off for double bombing, and the stickies can land 1 KO although fairly slowly tbh.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?264,103,88,88,86,86,19,slot,att,0,62,62,0,10,10,10,94,94,0,71,0,0,62,78,0,78,78,0,3,Recoil,Recoil,Reload@P4@CC HBG for Area 4 KT. Slot augment isn’t 100% needed, all it gains you is 1 SAB which is honestly negligible. !br It is generally recommended that you learn CC HBG before CC bow because it is way more lenient on chaining. You can afford to miss a few shots here and there and still chain the CC just fine. Bow can afford to miss 1-2 shots the whole time at most. !br However HBG is a lot more resource heavy and deals much less damage after the chain than bow, so tradeoffs.@

https://honeyhunterworld.com/mhwb/?275,88,94,84,108,70,19,aff,0,0,0,0,0,62,62,62,58,64,0,78,78,78,64,10,0,61,0,0,3@P4@CC Bow Build for KT. This can get a 5 CC chain solo (Sleep > Para > KO > Sleep > Para). The second KO after the chain will be very reliant on teammates adding some KO damage since unlike the console set this one does not have stam cap up in it, which you need to have enough lvl 4 KOconuts to get the second KO. !br Ice bow is used bc it lets you hit 30+ per arrow after the CC is done and you switch to powercoatings. !br Credit to Tear in the MHGH discord for coming up with this set@

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