MHW Builder: Icebronies edition BETA. Please read THIS before you start.

You have to Change your Builds! Pre MHW Iceborne META sets

So the skills changes in MHW Iceborne are going to completely change how we make our builds. Which means our builds going into Iceborne on Friday have to change as well.

Most importantly The Max Might changes means we have to re arrange our builds to either have MM 0 or MM 5. Which switches up a lot of builds.

While we are excited for the release of Monster Hunter World Iceborne, we want to make sure you are prepared with the best possible META sets and builds going into the new campaign.

Pre IB,119,120,79,116,108,65,health,aff,0,0,0,0,16,16,0,57,57,30,96,0,0,57,0,0,57,96,0,3,130,107,107,105,107,65,aff,aff,0,0,0,0,13,5,30,13,0,0,13,90,0,90,0,0,90,0,0,3,130,107,107,105,107,2,health,0,0,13,13,0,32,5,30,32,0,0,32,90,0,90,0,0,90,0,0,3,125,107,107,112,114,64,aff,aff,0,0,0,0,90,5,5,71,0,0,90,90,0,84,5,0,26,5,5,2,Recoil,Close,Close,118,72,107,105,107,74,aff,health,0,30,30,0,44,30,0,5,5,5,16,26,0,13,0,0,90,0,0,2,84,120,109,116,120,74,aff,health,0,0,0,0,5,5,0,26,14,49,4,4,4,52,0,0,57,57,0,2,119,72,114,112,114,2,aff,health,0,0,0,0,26,90,0,4,4,4,90,90,49,14,30,0,52,5,30,3

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