MHW Builder: Icebronies edition BETA. Please read THIS before you start.

Glutton 2 Electric Boogaloo: Shield Zinogre HBG

This Heavy Bowgun Build is literally the best way to kill monsters fast, easily, and safely in MHW Iceborne. Its actually stupid how good and easy to use this Shield Zinogre Heavy Bowgun Build.

The Zinogre heavy bowgun is literally the most overtuned, ridiculously stacked weapon in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.
With a full damage Heavy Bowgun build it hits insanely high damage numbers.
With a stupidly tanky Shield HBG build, the Zinogre HBG still deals higher DPS than half of the melee weapons. While using a Lance shield with level 5 guard.

In our opinion, the insane safety and power behind this build makes it the best Heavy Bowgun Build in the game for safe, consistent, and fast clears.

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